Escape the 9 to 5: Surprising Work From Home Jobs

Whether you’re looking for your first job or dreaming of ways to escape your current career, the job search can be a tiring process for anyone. I myself am going through the existential process of being in my last semester of college and what exactly I should be doing as a career after graduation. Getting to work from home, the coffee shop, or wherever you are, sounds like an excellent solution. Luckily, there are tons of careers (that aren’t scams!) which can allow you to do just this!

So why not delve into a career where you could work in the comfort of your home office with a two-minute commute and (hopefully) flexible hours?

If you need help searching, is a great source for finding flexible jobs. However, there is a monthly or yearly fee to join and start applying for the listed jobs, but if nothing else, this could be an excellent way to get an idea for what you’d be interested in and look the job title up on a different (free) site.

Also check out our massive list Unique ideas to start a profitable side job and make money quickly. Many of these could be full time endeavors.


1. Concierge

Search “remote concierge jobs” and a plethora of opportunities will abound. This is a career that I didn’t know could be done from a remote location, but OmniHotels, and other companies, seem to be looking.

The hours don’t seem to be flexible (you would be working a certain shift), but the basics of the job are answering incoming calls and booking reservations and so on.

2. Virtual assistant

Companies are turning to “virtual” assistants to help with meetings, calls, e-mails, and projects. This job is a bit more independent as a person would most likely be working for multiple companies as an assistant, and it can be difficult to break into without any experience. Networking is highly recommended. As well, there is the International Virtual Assistants Association, which you may join or look to for guidance.

3. Medical transcriptionist

You do have to have some type of vague medical (or science) background for this one, it seems. A transcriptionist takes voice recordings of physicians and converts them into written reports. Your medicinal knowledge comes in handy for recognizing terminology and abbreviations while preparing documents of patients.

4. Translator

This job can go one of two ways, the first being fairly obvious: if you are a linguist and know multiple languages, you can get a job in which you translate English texts into whatever language you’re proficient in. Of course, you would have to be fairly confident in your abilities.

A second version of this job is someone who edits and proofreads papers that have been written by a person who speaks English as her/his second language. There are several companies and people who need research papers, documents, and reports edited so that they are on a professional level.

5. Online Tutor

Yes, along with so many other things, tutoring has now also been moved to online. You may not even need more than a bachelor’s degree and a penchant for working with children to qualify for this career. Certain companies now use chatrooms between children and tutors to work through homework, projects, and lessons. Sites featuring online tutoring include,, or

6. Non-profit Director

This job isn’t exactly “remote,” but it could mean working from home. Being a director of a non-profit organization could mean being active in your community and having flexible hours. This job is harder to find since it varies on a local basis, but could be an excellent way to do meaningful work while also adding some flexibility to your work day.

7. Call Center Representative / Tech Support

Customer service could seem like an undesirable job, but without the tiny cubicle and depressing office decor, perhaps this job would seem a lot more comfortable. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to think any job sounds more desirable if I can do it sitting on a couch instead of an office chair.

8. Copywriter / Grant Writer / Editor / Writer

I’m just going to lump all of these together. There is definitely a need for technical copywriters, and copywriters in general. Although it might not seem as glamorous as getting to create your own content working on a blog or the next Great American Novel, it probably has a more steady income, flexible hours, and of course, the ability to work from home.

Grant writers are needed to fill out applications for organizations and apply for grants. This requires someone who understands an organization quickly, can be articulate, to the point, and persuasive.

If you’re determined to write your own content, or are great resources for putting yourself out there as a writer and matching up with companies to write posts and articles for their sites.

9. Sales Representative

Oh yes. A job search for remote careers will inevitably bring up a new wave of sales representatives who get to work from home. Although sales, as always, can be a difficult and stressful job, taking calls from your own couch could lessen the negatives of a job and highlight the positives!

10. Website Developer

You’ll need some internet “skllz” for this job, and you’d most likely be an independent contractor searching for clients who want you to rethink their site, but on the whole this career may be a lucrative one, as the internet doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon.

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