Fall Fashion on a Budget

The change of every season brings with it great new looks — but who can afford to totally redo their wardrobe year after year? Instead, most of us opt for a more gradual change, choosing clothing and accessories to add to our wardrobe that will enable us to update our look without breaking the bank.

Even with a generous back-to-school budget, shopping for new clothing for fall can be expensive. Here are a few tips for updating your look for cooler weather without freezing your bank account.

  • Look for less expensive versions of name brand items. Whether it is a fancy dress or blouse, a killer pair of shoes, or a designer purse, someone else has a copy for less, I can almost guarantee it. The best way to save money while updating your wardrobe for fall is to identify the look you want, and then hunt down the cheaper knockoffs. I don’t mean you should buy fakes, just that lower-end companies usually produce similar clothing and accessories for more affordable prices.
  • Shop with discount retailers. There have long been discount stores, such as TJMaxx, Ross, and Kohl’s (depending on what part of the country you live in) where you can get name brand clothing and accessories for half price (or less). On the Internet, there are even more options, from Overstock to eBay. Don’t pay jewelry boutique prices for a diamond tennis bracelet, for instance — those places inflate the price by a large percentage. Buying your clothing and jewelry from discount retailers means you get more bang for your buck — and are able to afford to have more fun with your fall wardrobe.
  • Shop the sales. Sales are a great way to get good stuff for less. For instance, since stores start selling the next season’s clothes so far in advance, end of season sales tend to occur earlier in the season than you would think. Also, watch for holiday sales and other, smaller sales, which are often announced in the local paper at the start of the weekend.
  • Choose versatile clothing and accessories. When updating your wardrobe on a budget, it is best to choose items that will mix and match well with the other clothes you have in your closet. A skinny belt, a pair of boots, or diamond earrings can all help update your look without overhauling your entire closet.

Staying on top of current styles doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to do so. Styles don’t usually change much season to season or even year to year — certain trends, such as chunky jewelry and bright colors, tend to stick for a little while, enabling you to buy a few items and update your wardrobe without exceeding a reasonable clothing budget. By following these general guidelines, you can achieve the look you want without breaking the bank!

How else do you save money while staying on top of the current trends?

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Guest contributor Anna Fitzgerald has been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years. She is also a writer for a company that specializes in diamond earrings. When she is not working or writing, Anna loves to travel and check out the trends around the world.

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