Fathers Day Gifts: Beer Edition

Fathers day giftsFather’s Day:

Beer is a wonderful gift for many families, including mine. My husband and I share a brew after a long day of work, my dad and I drink together at meals, and my brother, best friends and I drink to catch up. Beer has been an evolving and wonderful part of my relationships with the people in my life. During the last few months of finding gifts for the men in my life I usually end up finding an amazing beer to share.

I love beer and I’m sure you do, too. I found some amazing Father’s Day beer gifts for every type of dad.


Midwest Supplies Homebrewing HomeBrewing Kit :

A homebrew kit is perfect for the dad that has the ultimate affection for beer. If your dad is interested in trying new beer this hobby might be right up his alley. Having a keen palate to detect subtle favor changes is ideal for cultivating the homebrewing hobby. You should consider trying this Platinum Pro Beer Brewing Starter Kit, which, in my experience, is great for a new brewer.

If your dad already has a homebrew kit, check out the following beer recipes, grab the required beer supplies, and help him try something new.

To go along with his new, or expanded, kit you can always get customizable reusable beer labels like the ones from Grog Tag, for free.

Beer festivals
Beer Festivals:

Are the experiences provided by beer, making memories, or connecting with other beer enthusiasts is in your dad’s wheelhouse? Then snag your dad a ticket to an up-coming beer festival like the Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival in Louisville, KY  or the Seattle International Beerfest, both July 10, 11, & 12th.

Right now you can find amazing deals on Priceline and Hotels.com. To find a beer festival near you check out beeradvocate.com. Not only is there a huge selection of beers, but music and amazing beer food pairings as well . Not to mention you might just find you new favorite beer.

Craft Beer ToursVisit A Brewery:

Here’s a fun stat: The average person lives within 10 miles of a brewery. Find a local brewery near you that offers brewery tours with this handy brewery locator on craftbeer.com. If this is your first time on a tour, it seems there are always great deals that you can find on Groupon.  You can take several brewery tours during one day with the right amount of planning. If this is the route you want to take, you can find amazing tour guides like Craft Beer Tours, which will shuttle you from brewery to brewery.

If any beer on the tour was right up your ally you can always take a growler of your favorite beer home. Growlers are handy because you can always take it back to get it refilled.

Stone FDB

Beer Infusion:

Beer infused foods are becoming  popular. We are starting to see  beer in all kinds of food other than in the classic chili or beer brats. Two great examples come from Stone Brewing’s Company. Stone offers a wide range of bbq sauces, hot sauces and mustards infused with their beer. These are my favorite: Smoked Porter BBQ sauce ($7) or Burning Trinity Of Bastard Hot Sauces ($20). For added flavor pick up a pack of one of Stone’s wide selection of delicious beers.


beer cap map 1Custom Gifts:

Homewetbar.com has some of the best beer related decor for dad’s office or rec room. I love the beer cap map of the USA.  Keep track of those amazing craft beers you’ve had.

Depending on your dad’s taste in beer, a custom beer glass from Sierra Nevada ($9) or  the Dogfish Head IPA glass($9).


beer pong tblGame Night: 

Homewetbar.com also has so many great beer accessories, especially for a those hot summer days. During those family gatherings, instead of bocci ball, why not play beer pong? A floating pool beer pong table might be amazing to have at a family party.

How about giving dad a game night with some great beer accessories. Does dad play poker? Get him the flying dog playing cards,  and why not a New Belgium beer tray to hold some cold brews or snacks. 


Beer Subscriptions


There are tons of options when it comes to subscriptions for dad. A few include Craft Beer Club, a subscription to Draft Beer Magazine and a free ebook The Ultimate Jumpstart To Homebrewing. Not only is he getting the gift for that one day, but also fun surprises for the whole year.



Beer brews and bondingBeer and Bonding:

No matter what you do, time is the best gift you give your dad on Father’s Day. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, having a great conversation, and knocking back a few cold ones is the gift of creating memories, which is ultimately priceless. Make sure to check out all of our other FatWallet Father’s day blogs.

What is your your favorite beer to share with you dad? What did you get your dad for Fathers Day? What is your favorite Fathers Day memory?


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