FatWallet Humiliation Showdown Winner!

Showdown Follow-up!

Ryan Washatka wearing a dress You may remember, the friendly FatWallet Walleteer wager that went down last Friday between Ryan Washatka (COO) and Chad Ross (Developing Manager): Fatwallet Humiliation Showdown: March Madness Bets are on!

As the wager went, Ryan and Chad’s favorite college basketball teams, the Jayhawks and the Wolverines (respectively), were set to dual determining which Walleteer would have to wear a women’s dress for the entire day!!

The results are in!

Michigan Wolverines won in overtime against the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA Sweet 16 game, final score 87-85! Although the Wolverines trailed behind the Jayhawks for most of the game, they tied it up in the last few seconds and then they won in overtime by 2 points! And so it’s quite clear who won in the Fatwallet Humiliation Showdown!

Ryan holds a 2008 issue of Daily Kansan from the Kansas Jayhawks Championship game, asking Chad, “When was the last time the Michigan Wolverines won a Championship game?” The Wolverine’s next game is on April 6th.

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