FatWallet Will Thank You With $5 When You Refer a Friend!

We’re so excited to announce our New FatWallet Tell a Friend program! It’s our way of thanking our members for spreading the word about FatWallet to their friends!

Great deals come with bragging rights! Whether it’s saving money on our latest gadget or scoring a hoard of diapers on a dime, we all love to tell others when we get a great deal on something. It feels good to help others save money! Now it can feel even better because you can earn a little bit of thank-you money from FatWallet while helping your friends save!

Are you a FatWallet Fan? FatWallet will thank you with $5 when you refer a friend!

By telling others about the benefits of a FatWallet membership you can earn cold hard cash! As a way of thanking you for telling your friends about FatWallet, we will pay you $5 for each new member you refer who signs up and makes their first $25 purchase.

If you’re a FatWallet member you’ve got your own special referral link that you can share with your friends. When you share your referral link with your friends and they click on it they will be directed to FatWallet where they can create their free account. When they make their first purchase through FatWallet of $25 or more within the first year, $5 will be added to your FatWallet account. It doesn’t matter what they choose to buy as long as its $25 via FatWallet!

How to find your referral link:

Go to FatWallet.com
1.) Click “My account” at the top right
2.) Click “Tell A Friend”
3.) Share Your Link! Share your link anywhere online: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email, etc.

Are You A Blogger? We’ve got tools to help you earn!

If you’re into the social scene – you have to check out our widget! Share our best deals, coupons, and forum hot deals on your website with our Deal Widget. Everyone who signs up by following a link from the widget on your website earns you $5 after their first qualified purchase!

The widget’s size, color & content are customizable to so it looks great on your blog and catches the attention of your readers! If you’d like to promote BlackFriday Deals or Holiday Shopping recommendations … well then, have at it! If it’s on our website, it’s on the widget so the possibilities are endless!

We want to help you be successful, because the more successful you are at telling others how they can save with FatWallet the more money you can make!

We will also give you:

  • Crowd source deals & fresh content to share with your readers
  • Giveaway & Guest blog opportunities
  • Support to help you be successful

Looking for Insider Info & Deal Related Content

We’d love to contribute to your news and tip-off your readers! Combining the experience of our expert deal hunting staff and the knowledge base we’ve gathered over the years, we’re totally in the know for shopping trends, holiday predictions, and consumer behavior!

FatWallet has long been an important resource for inside information where consumers look to for Black Friday ad leaks/deals, holiday deep discounts and money-saving shopping tools. We can provide you with the tips, predictions, trends, and hard data you need to create shareable content!

Tips: Smart ways to save money this holiday shopping season
Predictions: With 1,500+ retailer relationships… we ought know :)
Trends: Real-time shopping trip reports
Hard Data: Details RE: BlackFriday and Cyber Monday = 30,000+ Deals!

We realize this is a lot of information to absorb, but the bottom line is we’re here to help you. Whether it’s helping you earn some money through our referral program, deals, insider information, or just straight up help Q&A – give us a shout! FatWallet will never let you down! :)

Have a Fat-tastic Day!

Social Media Intern for Heather Stephens

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