FatWallet’s Top Travel Deals: Tuesday October 23rd, 2012

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When you think of paradise, you might envision sandy white beaches, crystal blue waters, abundant sunshine, and maybe even a tiki bar. To me, that is what I call a relaxing time. However, others might think of hitting the slopes and heading out on a snowy adventure more up their alley. It is almost November, and that only means one thing: ski season is soon upon us!

Jason, one of FatWallet’s senior best deal hunters, bring us his travel deals of the week. One deal that stuck out to me is through Southwest Vacations. You can save $100 per reservation when staying 4 nights or longer in any of their ski destinations. Those cities range from Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe. You have now until November 1st to book your ski vacation, and you must travel between November 2nd and April 1st. Sounds fun – plan now, party later!

Personally, I would love to return to skiing. I write return, because I took a little hiatus from the activity back in high school. My aunt convinced me to go down one of the ski slopes that she thought was at the beginner level. It turns out it was well above advanced. Before I knew it, I transformed into a ski gymnastic and started somersaulting down the hill. Skis went flying, body parts went flaring, and snow started to hit me in every direction. By the time, I hit the bottom – I was pretty worn out and bruised up. The kicker of the whole story was that I had my senior high school portraits that following Monday. Needless to say, there were lots of face angling and makeup to mask any ski accident.

In any event, I would still love to go on a ski vacation. Make sure to check out our deals posted below and visit FatWallet’s travel coupon page.



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