Festive Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Fall festivities are, officially, in full swing. The gradual changing of the leaves gives way to one of our most beloved holidays, Halloween. It is the one time of the year where little kids, and big kids too, can be who and what they want to be for a night. It is the night where fantasy comes to life. Elaborate costumes make this the most entertaining holiday of the year, but Halloween doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet. By simply utilizing items from home or by buying budget-friendly costumes from the biggest retailers, everyone has the opportunity to participate. Check out the incredible Halloween Deals page from Fatwallet and these Do-It-Yourself ideas to bring your imagination and creativity to life!


Every child grows up trying to be a superhero. The ability to save innocent people from the threat of danger is a characteristic that we all strive to embody. Here are a few simple ideas to create the perfect superhero costume without throwing money out the window.

  • Superman– Buy a blue set of sweats, which can be used even after Halloween, and some iron on transfer paper. Print off the Superman logo from your printer and iron it on to the front of the sweatshirt. Take a red cloth of blanket to tie like a cape. Here’s a video showing you how to make a superhero costume!
  • Optimus Prime– There are some great deals on Optimus Prime costumes, but remember that you can always purchase the mask and create robotic body parts with cardboard boxes taped around the arms, legs and chest area. Available at BuyCostumes.com for $14.99. Check out BuyCostumes.com Coupons and Deals and shop with 6% Cash Back on FatWallet!


Just as we all grow up with the desire to be good, Halloween is the one night a year that we all are justified in wanting to be a little bad. Invoking fear and disgust, what would Halloween be without some villains roaming the neighborhood?

  • Witch– Witch costumes rely mostly on the tall, pointed hat. Spend minimal money to purchase the hat. Add some green face paint and a black dress and voila! Halloween express has these beauties for $5.99. Here are more Halloween Express Coupons and Deals with 7.5% cash back!
  • Vampire– Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, so it is an easy costume to create. You can purchase a set of fake, enlarged canines and some white face paint, or you can purchase the whole Dracula look with fake blood and a black cape. Only $12.99 on Halloween Express!
  • Skeleton– Do-It-Yourself skeleton costumes are easy. Take a black t-shirt and cut out the patter of ribs on the front and back. Layer the shirt over a white shirt. Paint your face white and black out the eyes, under the cheek bones and the nose. Image Copyright: Coolest Homemade Costumes

Mythical Creatures

Some creatures only exist in our imaginations, yet we desire and hope that there is some kind of truth to their stories. Mythical creatures come to life as we recreate their existence through unique costume ideas.

  • Unicorn– A unicorn horn or mask with horn is all you need to have a successful costume. Beyond that, an all white or pink unitard or matching set of sweats is all you need. You can get this crazy mask at Costume Kingdom for $27.95! There are more Costume Kingdom coupons and deals here with 6.5% Cash Back
  • Fairy– Fairy costumes are easy and affordable options for Halloween costumes. Since all companies have them, it’s easy to shop around for an affordable option with a nice set of wings and a little dress that can be re-worn for other costumes in the future. Tinkerbell’s costume can be found at The Disney Store. Save with Disney Store coupons and deals at 3% Cash Back.

Television/Film Characters

We all want to be the characters that we know and love from literature, film and television. This Halloween we can embrace the looks and personalities of our favorite icons with some clever costume designing.

  • Harry Potter/Hermione Granger– A Harry Potter costume involves putting a kid in an oversized pair of grey pants, white button up shirt, giving him a cape, chopstick wand and a fake set of glasses that can be purchased at your local drugstore. Photo credit: JengerBreadCreations.blogspot.com.
  • SpongeBob– One easy way to create a SpongeBob costume is by take a paper grocery bag and painting it yellow. You can print off the facial features of SpongeBob and glue them to the bag. Cut holes in the bag for the arms and two small holes to see out of. Photo Credit: Curbly.com

Flora and Fauna

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be born into this world as another living organism? Stop imagining and try it out. You can be a ferocious lion, a delicate rose or even a shiny beetle.

  • Bumble bee– Bumble bee costumes consist of black tights and a black leotard that are striped with yellow electrical tape. Glue some pipe cleaners to a headband for the antennae and buzzzzz from door to door. This is a great costume to recycle for dancers. You can find this at Spirit of Halloween for $12.99. Check out SpiritHalloween.com coupons and deals here on FatWallet with 6.5% cash back!
  • Lamb– Create easy lamb or other animal costume for children, especially babies, by purchasing some fluffy fabric that can be cut and sewn into a sack shape, leaving holes for the neck, arms and legs to come out of. Add a hood to the sack with ears on top to identify your animal. I found this cute costume at Sears! Shop with 7% Cash Back (SALE! was 3%) and find more Sears coupons and deals here!
  • Flower– Dye some tights and a onesie or leotard green. Take some fake silk flowers and sew them to a bonnet or beanie to be worn for the petals. You can even cut construction paper leaves to pin to the arms of the leotard. If you aren’t craft enough to DIY this costume, you can get it at PoshLittleTutus for either $22 or $24 depending on the size. –They get the image credit too! :)

Whatever you wish to be, you better get started now on your costume. Before you know it, Halloween will be here. Trick or treat!

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