Financial Ramifications of Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance is one of the worst ideas imaginable. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for tremendous financial and legal troubles, but you’re also being totally irresponsible in making that choice. The amount of debt and monetary struggle you could encounter would be devastating to your life. You could find yourself in a hole that you can’t dig out of. The best way to avoid these situations is to not be placed in them in them in the first place.

Here are the biggest ways that driving without insurance can come back to haunt you.

1. You will be forced to pay for the other person’s damages in an accident. If you drive without insurance and become involved in an accident, say goodbye to however much money it costs to fix or replace the other person’s vehicle. You can’t be covered for those damages if you don’t pay insurance each month, because it’s as if you’re not even an official driver.

2. You may also have to pay their medical bills. If the other person becomes seriously injured and has to miss work, you will be sued and force to pay their medical bills as well. These can be even more expensive than the costs to cover their automobile. Medical bills can easily range into the tens of thousands for more serious and extensive hospital visits.

3. If you become injured, your own medical bills won’t be covered, either. This is just adding more salt to the wounds. If you have to miss work and can’t earn money, you’ll have nothing to use to pay your own bills or the other person’s costs. Driving without insurance accrues the individual costs to tens of thousands of dollars in no time at all. It’s not an ideal situation to be in at all.

4. You can get arrested. Driving without some form of insurance is against the law in almost every state. If you get pulled over and can’t produce proof of insurance, you will be looking at a hefty fine. You could lose hundreds of dollars to the fine if you’re caught driving without insurance. If you do it too many times, you could even lose your license.

5. You can face other charges, too. You could be cited for reckless driving and driving without considering the safety of others on the road, because you consciously made the decision to drive without insurance. If your license gets suspended, then you will have to rely on someone else for transportation, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Please don’t make the gigantic mistake of driving a vehicle without insurance. You run the risk of permanently messing up your life if you do. You can make things a lot easier if you just abide by the law and get insurance. You won’t have to worry about debt crippling you if you’re in an accident, and the law slamming the book in your face. Keep your insurance paid and current to avoid a life of hassles.

Christopher Jensen is a writer and car enthusiast offering advice on how to get an auto insurance quote for low cost indiana auto insurance plans.

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