Five Reasons to Consider a Last Minute Vacation Getaway

A spur-of-the-moment trip or weekend getaway can rekindle a sense of adventure and excitement in even the most humdrum routines. Taking advantage of an unexpected break or schedule change can create memories you’ll cherish throughout your life.

Here are five reasons to consider a last minute vacation as an impromptu escape from the ordinary.

Explore the World for Less

In most cases, a last minute vacation can be significantly cheaper than other holiday plans. A little judicious online shopping can identify hotels with unfilled vacancies. These available accommodations are often available at under the market rate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with hotel managers to obtain the best possible prices on these unsold rooms; the hotel will make no profit on rooms that remain vacant, so they may be motivated to give you a significant discount in order to ensure profitability. FatWallet provides terrific information on current deals and last minute savings on these accommodations.

Try Something Spontaneous

Last minute vacation plans are a great way to reintroduce a sense of adventure into your life. Alone or with friends and family, you can discover scenic attractions and unexpected treasures that you’ll remember for years to come. Stepping outside your normal routine to explore new places and experience new things can not only bring much-needed spontaneity to your everyday routine but can also help keep you mentally and emotionally engaged with the world around you.

Boost the Romance in Your Life

A last minute getaway with that special someone can be the perfect way to add excitement to a long-term relationship or get to know each other better. Unfamiliar surroundings can often create a heightened sense of intimacy and provide a new perspective for both members of the couple, allowing them to explore their relationship in a new setting and to gain a new appreciation for each other. An impromptu vacation can set the stage for romance and provide memories that couples can cherish throughout their futures together.

Recharge Your Batteries

Taking a vacation on the spur of the moment doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. A weekend at a luxury hotel, a spa visit or a few days at a picturesque bed-and-breakfast can be the ideal solution for stress and overwork. Relax and be pampered with room service, luxurious massages and just getting away from it all. You can enjoy the best that life has to offer in these serene and restful surroundings and return to your regular routine rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Take in the Bright Lights

For a definite change of pace, consider visiting a major metropolitan area and experiencing the entertainment options available in these larger venues. Theater, dance clubs and gourmet dining are among the possibilities you can experience in the big city; festivals and conventions are an excellent excuse for taking some time just for yourself to enjoy a last minute vacation you’ll always remember.

By making a little extra time for new experiences and adventures, you can escape the same old weekend routine and create memories that you’ll treasure and enjoy for years to come.

Matt Ahlgren is a travel blogger from Australia. He writes for and recommends that you take out insurance when you go on a vacation because sometimes things don’t go as planned.

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