Five Resources to Fund an Online Degree

For some time now, the idea of an online education was thought of as a lesser education than that of an on-campus degree, but this is changing fast as many seek out degrees allowing them to work or take care of family as they go to school. However, it is because of this misconception that many think a degree of this type cannot come with financial help, which is simply not the case. If the school you are planning to attend is accredited, then you are entitled to many of the same scholarships and grants whether it is an online or on-campus degree. There are many resources available to those searching for a scholarship or grant for their online degree including:

  1. Scholarships Specific to the School

    Your first resource may be the school you are planning to attend. Start by obtaining an advisor if you have not been assigned one already. An advisor can give you all the information you need about the scholarships offered by the school. They will also have access to your academic record so they will know which scholarships you qualify for.

  2. Federal Education Grants

    The government can offer you more than just a Pell Grant. They have several other grants including a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, National SMART Grant and Federal TEACH Grant. Many of these grants have specific requirements such as the recipient must study in a certain area or maintain a certain GPA. However, if you meet these requirements, you may find a significant amount of funding here. In order to apply for these grants, students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For many of the grants they must qualify for the Pell Grant before they are eligible for the other ones.

  3. Scholarships from Companies and Private Organizations

    Many large companies as well as private organizations offer scholarships. This is a good option if your grades are a little low because many of these scholarships are awarded based on an essay, talent or particular attribute. A few good resources to help you search for scholarships of this nature are, and

  4. Scholarship Contests

    Do you like competing in contests? If you have a naturally competitive nature and a certain talent, there are scholarship rewards for winning contests. This is another great option for the student who may not have the best grades because the focus is not on grades, but rather winning the particular contest. There are so many options that using one of the above scholarship search engines will help you narrow down the appropriate contest scholarship for you.

  5. Minority Scholarships

    If you happen to be a minority student, then you may qualify for a minority scholarship including Hispanic, African American and Native American scholarships.

Obtaining a scholarship is hard work because there is often a great deal of paperwork and extra requirements to complete. You must be prepared for this and for the possibility of rejection because many scholarships go to one person. However, as you apply, keep in mind the end goal of getting your degree and the process will be worth the hard work.

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