Five Tips to Prepare for Your Holiday Guests

The holiday season is fast approaching; it’s a time for family, a time for gifts, and a time for relaxation. All of these things are much easier to accomplish if you spend the time needed to get your house ready before the first guest arrives. Whether it is fixing a leaky faucet or creating some holiday décor, these are some easy and cheap ways to get your house in shape for yourself and your holiday guests.

Tackle the Little Things

There is no point in getting into that whole house renovation you have always wanted to do before the holiday season; however, there are many opportunities that can take a relatively small amount of effort and still provide a lot of value. First, if you have a leaky faucet there has never been a better time to fix it. With a small amount of effort and some online research for how to do it, you can have a new faucet installed in no time. Bundle this with the deals from online and offline home improvement suppliers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you can get a good faucet for a great price. Second, grab some touch up paint from your local home improvement store and fix those areas on your walls where time, dust, and children have left their marks. This process is incredibly easy and incredibly rewarding as you can spend a small amount of time and achieve the desired results. Having fresh paint on those ugly spots will make the whole house look better. Both of these things can be done over the weekend, meaning you have more time to figure out how to cook a turkey, and less time worrying about if your house is ready for holiday guests.

Browse DIY sites for cheap holiday decorations

Let’s face it, if you are on a deal website you like to spend as little as possible for the products you are looking for. The internet makes this easier than ever as there is a plethora of websites that show you how to create household décor for the holiday season with only limited creativity and a small amount of money. Whether it is a “beaded Christmas tree” (link to, or a “homemade snowman” (link to there is a design idea for everyone.

Some great places to find these ideas are

Fall Ideas
The Frugal Novice, DIY Fall Decor, Easy Fall Decorating Projects

Thanksgiving ideas
Celebrations, Thanksgiving Decorations

Christmas ideas
Easy DIY Christmas Crafts
DIY Christmas Decorations

In addition, for Christmas cards you can create them for a great price if you use Their site features full design layout possibilities for the card and quality paper for the prints. With some simple searching you can find coupons codes to sweeten the deal as well. As a side note, make sure to get your order in soon though as they ship from China and it can take two weeks to be received.

These tips should start you on your way to getting your house prepared, and keeping your wallet full, this holiday season. Make sure to bookmark these sites for next year as you never know when you will need a good holiday decoration idea.

Let us know in the comments if you have any great sites you use for holiday décor and household improvements!

Guest contributor Josh McNair is an avid blogger that works for the home improvement retailer which sells everything from Bathtubs to Bathroom Faucets. Check it out for all your home improvement needs, even fake Christmas trees!

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