Five Ways to Honeymoon for Less

Weddings are expensive enough without adding on a honeymoon, but honeymoons are money well-spent. After all the months of stress from planning your wedding, you’ll appreciate some downtime with your beloved – to unwind and start planning the next 50 years or so.

Here are five tips for creating a wonderful honeymoon without breaking what’s left of your piggy bank.

1. Decide What You Want

You’re browsing the Internet and found an unbeatable deal on a picturesque, Swiss Chalet honeymoon package…but you and your fiancée both hate snow. Regardless of how much – or how little – money you have to spend, make sure it goes towards a honeymoon you’ll both enjoy. Know your likes and dislikes so you can plan accordingly.

2. Honeymoon Registry

If you’d rather have a fabulous honeymoon than a new toaster and microwave, consider setting up a Honeymoon Registry. Similar to traditional wedding registries, a Honeymoon Registry compiles a list of travel items, such as airfare, accommodations, meals, spa treatments, and tickets to attractions. Many popular honeymoon destinations are beginning to offer these, including Walt Disney World. If you’d love a cruise, Royal Caribbean offers honeymoon registries, too. There are also registries that are not brand or location specific, such as or Be sure to read the fine print so you understand how much it costs to register and what other fees are involved.

3. Consider a Cruise

Cruises can make romantic, budget-friendly getaways. Because they’re all-inclusive, you’ll know the exact cost of your honeymoon and have it paid for before you even board the ship. Consider a short, inexpensive cruise to nowhere if you’re extremely tight on cash. Off-season travel offers an amazing assortment of cruises available at cut-rate prices. Try leaving from the closest port to save money on airfare.

4. Auctions

If you have time to plan ahead, online auctions can save you a ton of money. Sites like offer several different categories of travel auctions, from airline tickets and vouchers to complete vacation packages. You can also find great deals on gift certificates towards accommodations, meals, and spa packages. Another popular travel auction site is, which features cruises and vacation rentals. If you’d like a luxury vacation at a budget price, check out the auctions at Before you bid on any auction, make sure you read all the fine print to verify the availability of your travel dates.

5. Tell Them It’s Your Honeymoon

No matter how you end up paying for your trip, make sure you tell everyone it’s your honeymoon. Resorts may throw in complimentary fruit or champagne, or even upgrade your room. Cruise ships may offer a special honeymoon excursion at dock. And restaurants may surprise you with a free dessert. It’s a simple way to extend your honeymoon budget. Be sure to bring proof of your wedding date for establishments that want to verify before extending their congratulations in the form of a bonus.

No matter how you spend your honeymoon, you won’t remember how much you spent. You’ll simply cherish the memories of that magical time when you began walking down the road of life together. Enjoy every moment.

Heather Johnson writes for Honeymoon Destinations, a site full of articles, guides and other resources to help soon-to-be newlyweds plan their honeymoon.

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