Follow These Four Tips Before Shopping 10 for $10 Sales

10 for $10 Sales at the Supermarket may look like great sales on your favorite items, but are they really? Or are they just a marketing ploy to get you to spend more at the grocery store?

Be an informed shopper. Check out these four tips to remember before heading to the grocery store.

Follow These Four Tips Before Shopping 10 for $10 Sales

It’s Wednesday morning and you are scanning your local super market’s new weekly flyer, and they are having their 10 for $10 sale going on. Awesome! This usually means some great savings on your favorite items if you do some work ahead of time and know how to shop these sales.

  • Do know your stores policy regarding these sales. Many stores (like a Kroger or Schnucks near me) don’t require you to buy 10 items to get them individually for $1.
  • Do know specific items stock up price on the grocery store cycle. For example, if the store is advertising cans of tuna for 10 for $10, it’s probably not the best deal for it. Often I can find tuna for between 50-60 cents on sale. That’s a stock up price. However, if it’s goldfish that’s on sale for $1, now is the time to buy.
  • Do only buy what you’ll use. This week there were broccoli crowns on the 10 for $10, and even though we eat a lot of broccoli, it’s not necessary that I buy 10 pounds of it! However, if you know you’ll go through 10 items before a sale hits again, I would definitely stock up now rather than pay full price later on.
  • Do use your coupons to match up these sales. This week I got free toothpaste and Glad storage bags for 50 cents a box.

In my area it seems like stores offer this type of sale quite often. They rotate the items that are on sale a lot of the time, too. Before you head out to the store and end up with lot of extra items just to make “10” of a product, do some research. On my most recent stop at a 10 for $10 sale, I spent about $15 and saved over $40.

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