FREE Learning Resources, From University Courses to Learning Languages to Free eBooks!

Knowledge is power. It’s even better when it’s free, stimulating and accessible. I found an amazing list of free resources that offers something for everyone. Maybe you’re already familiar with, but I’m a new fan. You can find free educational resources to learn over 40 languages, over 150 free textbooks from authored professors around the world and a collection of over 400 online courses from leading universities like Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Harvard, MIT and more!

Or find free quality videos and movies about science, music, art, history and cultural icons. Also, check out a nice compilation of 225 ebook classic novels and poetry to download to your computer, smartphone or Kindle.

If you have a thirst for knowledge and not the certificate on your wall, keep reading. Or if you’re a student, you’ll find great resources for research, papers, inspiration and more. Whether you’re curious or looking for specific topics, there’s a LOT of information. These lists are constantly updated and available 24/7. I’m excited to dive in and explore. Here’s the breakdown:

At FatWallet, our culture revolves around growing, learning and spreading knowledge. So much that TED (Ideas worth spreading) is scheduled weekly into the company calendar known as “TED Tuesday.” I had to share this awesome list from that combines FatWallet’s passions: knowledge, saving money and sharing.

Don’t you feel smarter already? 😉

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