Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven today!

Get Your Free Slurpee Today!

7-Eleven is giving away free 7.11oz Slurpee drinks in all participating 7-Eleven stores on July 11, 2013. Stop by between 11 and 7 today for a free Slurpee in honor of it being 7/11 and their 86th Birthday! Thank you, FatWallet member, goatssbyday for posting this deal!

The’re having quite the dance part-tay complete with a new Slurpee dance. (Will this become the next Harlem Shake?) Visit to learn the dance and download the song.

So, get your Slurpee Grove on and boogie your way over there. (Shiny gold shorts are optional and possibly disturbing on some, so please use discretion.)

Do the Slurpee Dance!

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