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The estimated US spending on Halloween costumes, candy, decorations and more is estimated to reach $6.9 billion in 2013! The average per person is $75.03. That’s a lot of coinage! (They must not be FatWallet-ers!)

We like to do frightening with a frugal flair around here, so I’m rounding up all the best frugal Halloween blogs we’ve done over the years for you in today’s post to help you have a haunting good time without the scaring the life out of your budget!

What’s one of your favorite, budget friendly, Halloween tricks or treats?

:) Heather

Halloween Costumes

Festive Halloween Costumes on a Budget: This post contains tons of DIY Halloween costumes like superheros, villans, mythical creatures, your kids’ favorite TV characters, and more to help you dress your kids in spooky style on a dime.
Home Made Witch Costume: Make a cute witch costume for your little girl for $10 or less! Step by step instructions start with a black garbage bag! She’ll be the cutest little witch on the block!
Four Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes: Does your budget not allow for a brand new costume? Here are 4 tips to “pop some tags,” participate in a costume swap, or DIY your way to a halloween hit!
Sweatpants: All Sorts of Homemade Halloween Costumes: Take those soon-to-be-outgrown sweats out of your kids’ drawers and turn them into a fantastic Halloween get-up!
Frugal and Fun Halloween Costumes from the Closet: Start digging through those costumes and putting together costume ideas. You really can use that bride’s maid dress again, we promise!
Fun, Fast, and Frugal Halloween Costumes: Costume ideas from LEGO to Laundry you can throw together for a last minute party. You know, like the old Hobo costumes your mom used to make you wear, but better!
Fun Pet Halloween Costumes! Don’t forget to dress up your pet in a costume this Halloween! Pet costumes are all the rage, especially dog costumes and cat costumes! There are a bunch of fun ideas in this post for dogs, cats, and even costumes for your guinea pig, hamster, bird, and family frog!

Halloween Candy:

Make the Most of Leftover Halloween Candy After the trick-or-treating has ended here are some ideas of what to do with the buckets of candy yumminess your kids (and you) have worked so hard for!
Halloween Candy Care Packages for Troops What do you do with all that extra candy, when all the fun and hoopla of Halloween is over and your kids are in a candy coma from their sugar crash? Send some of it to our troops overseas!!
Staying Healthy During the Holidays, Even Halloween! We’ve entered the party season! How do you stay healthy with all the treats around? Here are some tips to keep you on the right track.
And if healthy isn’t your goal: 6 Scariest Neighbors to Avoid this Halloween! A healthy apple is a horrible nightmare for a kid on the trick-or-treating hunt for junk food and candy! Here’s a list of the health fanatics you’ll find in every neighborhood you’ll definitely want to avoid!

Halloween Decorations:

7 Halloween Party Decorations to Make Your Guests Scream If your planning a grown-up Halloween party, here are some seriously spooky ideas to scare the you know what out of your guests!

Other Halloween Fun

5 Ways to Use Halloween Candy to Teach Kids About Money Use your kids’ Halloween candy to teach them how to avoid living from paycheck to paycheck, taxes (parent’s you’ll love this!), saving up an emergency fund and more!
Random Halloween Trivia to Dazzle the Neighbors Fun facts, trivia and conversation starter’s for your Halloween parties!
Halloween Cars, Safety, Texting and Costumes Infographic Get a visual of Halloween facts and information and some tips to make your trick-or-treating trips safer and more fun!

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