Fun Winter Cocktails for Crazy Busy Mommies

Meet Heather, an overwhelmed, overbooked, crazy-busy working mom of 3. She is longing for some warm weather and leisurely days of turning the kids loose in the back yard to run and chase each other, while she confines herself to the chaise longue on the patio with a pretty umbrella drink and a book to pass the time.

Cocktail dresses, cocktail rings, cocktail party, cocktail umbrellas, cocktail wieners…The word cocktail makes something average sound happy and fun! Shouldn’t every day be a cocktail day?

Mixing up fun cocktails feels like a summer thing to me.  I’ve been stuck in a red wine rut since cold weather arrived.  The only “mixing” I do in the winter is powdered hot cocoa for the kids. (Okay, I’ll confess to occasionally making some for myself with a boost of Bailey’s once in a while.)

I decided after cutting my son’s sandwich into dinosaur shapes with a cookie cutter that we moms (alright–dads too!) are worth a little extra effort too! Why shouldn’t we stir a little fun into our routines? It’s about time we all wake up from winter creativity hibernation, broaden our beverage selections and spice up life with some fun winter cocktails!

winter cocktails: mulled wine
Photo Credit: Peter Groynom

Mulled Magnificence:

So I get it, we’re busy! Let’s not overwhelm ourselves with too many things to pour right off the bat.  Start off easy by spicing up your wine routine with some Mulled wines and Glögg.

Peter Groynom has a delicious sounding Mulled Faux Sangria that won’t confine you to slaving over the stove. Instead you can pretend you are Tom Cruise doing the Hippy Hippy Shake in the movie Cocktail, mixing up this winter version of a summer favorite!

Kelly Carámbula from The Best Remedy says, “There’s no reason fancy drinks should only be served in swanky cocktail bars,” in her article about Wedding Cocktails on Etsy.  We all might do well to write that on our kitchen walls as a reminder throughout the winter! (Any crafty etsy or Crobbies people want to volunteer to make us up a cute printable?)  Kelly’s Maple Concord recipe looks as delicious as it sounds.

Having grown up with a Norwegian grandma, I can tell you, without a doubt that Glögg will give you warm and fuzzies!.


Photo Credit: Nancy Mitchell

The Hot Toddy Project:

Now that we’re thawing out a bit, it’s time to bring on some heat and channel your inner hottie toddy! Nancy Mitchell, The Backyard Bartender, has all kinds of yummy drinks on her blog, but her Hot Toddy Project over at TheKitchn was particularly enticing.  Who could resists a week’s worth of hot booze recipes using your favorite Burbon, Whisky, Tequila or Gin? Surely they will boost your spirits!

Photos by Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Sunny Winter Cocktails:

Let’s cool things off again. Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion shared a Sunny Winter Citrus Cocktail that will add a bright spot to anyone’s day. Bet’cha can’t wait to taste it’s salty rim with a cayenne kick, cooled by the smooth clementine and tequila.

Let’s head back over to TheKitchn again to stir up 7 Super Simple Citrus Cocktails by Nora Maynard.  The Orange and Rum sounds yummy, yum, yum!

Warm Winter Cocktails:

My co-worker Kelly offered to help us babystep our way back into fun with a few easy winter drinks that will surly thaw your cocktail cold streek:

  • Apple Cider and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (1 shot)
  • Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Schnapps or Gold Schlager (1 shot)
  • Cafe Magic (Coffee and a shot of Baileys, Kahlua, and Amaretto)

Now, if you’re a prego mom or you’re just not a drinker, you’re not off the hook. You can still add some cocktail fun into your day with these great non-alcoholic cocktail recipes! What are your favorite winter cocktail recipes? Now don’t just read this post or pin it for future reference. I want you to put it to the test! Get out of your dull red-wine rut! With so many delicious cocktails to try, you never have an excuse for a cocktail-less dull day again.

Join me in a big ‘Cheers!’

😀 Heather

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