Get Organized and Save Time Beautifully with Clear for iPhone App

Whether you’re a working professional, an online student, or a stay-home mom, you have possibly been waiting for the perfect way to organize a to-do list on your phone. There are plenty of great apps out there offering free scheduling, reminders, complex checklist systems and seamless note-taking, but very few that allow users to make a simple checklist that works for everything. Clear for iPhone seems to take the cake. Clear is a newly-released task management app that was designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. Not only does it offer a simple checklist platform with excellently-designed navigation, it is by far the coolest to-do list you’ll ever see.

The gesture-based navigation system, designed with the same sweep and slide concept behind all mobile Mac devices, is perfect for fast list-making. There is no need to find your to-do list among multiple folders; the list opens automatically or with a simple finger press. Users can quickly navigate between different lists, such as to-do’s, items to buy, things to return, or books to read, and add to and subtract from items already listed, all with the simple slide motions we all use every day on our smart phones. Basically, this navigation has taken “clicking” out of the equation and replaced it with more dragging and dropping and minimizing and maximizing, which is much less time consuming. When you want to check off an item, simply swipe it, or, if you want to expand your list, simply use your fingers to maximize it and a blank item will pop up. The best part about Clear is the fact that it is built to do nothing more than its purpose, and it does it well. Not only that, it does it beautifully.

As soon as you pull up the app, you are presented with your to-do list in cascading colors. The colors are darker and brighter for items at the top of the list, indicating the most immediate things that need to be checked off, and they gradually reduce in shade and brightness as you move further down the list. Users can customize the color choices, and all lists can be color-coded differently. For those of us who lean on our daily to-do lists to save both times and money, it lends a certain satisfaction to pull up a list that is actually beautiful and efficient. This must be what Forbes was referring to, quoting Clear as being “designed not just to produce productivity but also pleasure” on the product’s homepage. For professionals just heading out to rush hour traffic, students gearing up for an hour lecture, or mom’s and dad’s making their way through the grocery store, this to-do list may actually serve as a breath of fresh air. For anyone who lives for running to-do lists, this is the perfect app for you.

Clear is available for a $2.99 download here.

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99

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