Get Physically Fit (Without Stretching Your Finances)

For those of us who have considered losing weight and getting in shape, it’s a bit shocking to realize just how much it can cost to change your lifestyle. A gym membership can run up to fifty dollars a month – even more if you have a family plan. By the time you buy the new exercise shoes, the clothes that wouldn’t embarrass you in the gym and pay for a membership to a weight loss plan of your choice, you’re well on your way to breaking your budget – and you haven’t even exercised yet!

The Real Math of Weight Loss

As it turns out, the weight loss industry is a huge one. It’s very profitable for companies looking to see supplements, diet plans, weight loss books and gym memberships. The good news is that you don’t actually need much to change your lifestyle- you can make some big changes without spending very much at all.

Build Your Own Home Gym

If you want to work out at home, you have everything you need with your computer, internet connection and perhaps an exercise mat or towel. Use a program like Hulu or your web browser to pull up exercise routines and television programs. If you already have a DVR through your cable company, you can simply program your favorite exercise shows for a bit of variety every evening when you come home. Just follow the program online – you’re already paying for the cable!

Exercise Outside for Free

You don’t need a gym to run. You just need some shoes and a sidewalk. Embrace your climate and start running or walking or biking outdoors. Grab your iPod or phone, plug in your ear buds and get moving. If the weather keeps you indoors, just opt for a recorded program or a bit of home circuit training.

Building Muscle at Home

Cardio at home is relatively easy, and working your core muscle groups is surprisingly easy as well. Find a good copy of a circuit routine for a home workout and perhaps buy a set of free weights – often you can get them for a steep discount through a classified site like Craigslist or you can order your own custom set of bars and bumper plates to suit your needs.

Primarily, though you can use your own body weight as a way to build muscle against resistance. And your body weight is absolutely free! Squats, lunges, crunches and push-ups will do just about everything you need muscle-wise, especially if you work in some variations.

Enjoying Inexpensive Health

It’s very possible to change your lifestyle and boost your health very inexpensively. You don’t need an expensive gym membership and you don’t need specialized diet foods or plans. Virtually all that you need is available online – get creative and find ways to cut calories in the foods you already eat and build up an at-home exercise routine that leaves you looking and feeling great. Best of all, you can use the money you save to buy your new wardrobe to fit your fit and slender body.

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