Gift Ideas for Him

Gift ideas for him
Selecting the perfect gift for someone, whether it’s the holidays, birthday, or just because, is not always a simple task. Gift ideas for him, in particular, are often difficult to find.

Let’s consider some of the special men in our lives. What is their passion? What are their habits? What do they find amusing? Maybe he loves to cook and grill, write, watch TV, play sports, or listen to music.

Take the answers to these questions, mix it with the Gift Idea Guide below, and you’ll get: the Ultimate Holiday Gift for him!

We have suggestions for your grandpa, father, brother, or boyfriend. :)

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Gift Ideas for Grandpa


Okay, so grandpa’s been around long enough to accumulate a lot of things, and he’s seen it all. So give him a gift that is sentimental or nostalgic! If he’s received too many photo mugs or “World’s Best Grandpa” awards over the years, perhaps a gift that relates to his routine would be more appreciated. I know my grandpa LOVES his routine.

  • CDs of his favorite music, whether it be classical, blues, jazz or Rock & Roll
  • Novel of his favorite genre
  • Magazine Suscription
  • Audio Books
  • Paintings
  • Book Rest Lamp
  • New pair of slippers or pajamas
  • Gift cards to his favorite restaurant
  • Watch
  • Cookbooks
  • Gourmet Sauces & Dips
  • Photo Mug
  • Serving Tray
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Western Movies on DVD
  • GPS
  • Electric shaver & trimmer
  • Car Cleaning Kit
  • Key finder
  • Webcam
  • Mystery Novels
  • Cuff Links
  • Tie Box
  • Name Your Star kit

Gift Ideas for Dad


Dads have a lot of responsibility and often lack time to just relax and enjoy themselves. Your dad might be really in to technology and current entertainment, making gadgets are a great option for gifts. Or he might be a kid at heart, and a candy dispenser for his desk at work would be perfect. Several of these ideas can be geared to his personality!

Gift Ideas for Brother


What kind of gift to get for your brother depends almost entirely on his age. Normally, there are a wide variety of things that are needed, especially for boys that are not shoppers themselves. Here are some ideas for your best, lifelong buddy.

  • Sports apparel for his favorite athletic team or university
  • New backpack for school or shoulder bag for work
  • Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Shaving Kit
  • DIY Beer kit and bottle opener
  • TV series or Favorite Movie on DVD

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend


You want to show your boyfriend how much he is loved and appreciated everyday. Incorporate some humor! Think about the things that make him smile: you, his hobbies, certain actors/actresses, types of food, etc.

A lot of the ideas below, such as sleepwear, money clips, tea infusers, decals, etc. can reflect his personality, hobbies, and favorite shows or characters. It doesn’t have to be just any toothbrush holder – it could be hero-themed!

  • Movie tickets
  • Concert Tickets
  • Food basket with his favorite snacks
  • Sleepwear
  • Billfold or Money Clip
  • Cologne
  • Pocket Knife
  • Shaving Kit
  • Toiletries Bag
  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Tea Infuser
  • Dress Shirt
  • Cooking or wine appreciation class
  • Sporting event tickets
  • Film Camera
  • TV Series on DVD
  • Laptop Decals
  • Headphones
  • Video Games
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Cell Phone Case
  • Music Dock
  • Portable Grill



What does YOUR Grandpa like?
Watching TV and reading the newspaper
Telling stories from back in the day
Adventure, like sky diving and snowboarding
His family!

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