Grocery Challenge Week #4: Eating Healthy and Seeing Results


If you’ve been following along the past 4 weeks, you’ve read about my challenge to take control of my family’s grocery budget. My goal was to spend less than $100 a week, and not once have I succeeded in that! Last week my husband and I decided to change our diet plan around, which meant we spent more in grocery than I had planned. This week was no different.

Here’s How I Did This Week:

Since my husband and I have been on our new diets, I’ve learned a few things. It’s a lot easier to stay on track and not cheat when:

  • You’re not hungry all the time
  • You have a lot of variety in foods to eat
  • You like what you’re eating
  • You have someone keeping you motivated

So after losing 4 pounds myself (and my husband losing 10), we decided to give this lifestyle change another shot this week. My husband and I were both fine with spending a little more on groceries if it meant we were going to keep losing weight and feel great.

Coupon Shopping and Sticking to the Plan:

While I was preparing my grocery list for the week, I saw that one of my favorite grocery stores was tripling coupons this week. So when I headed to the store, I was a little more confident that I could stay a little closer to my budget. While I did get 5 free pouches of tuna, cheap strawberries, cheap cottage cheese, and cheap Propel water, I still managed to spend just over $150 on groceries. I had plenty of coupons that I could have use to get more cheap or free products, but I kept to my list of items that I knew we would use this week. Even though, I may have been able to get cheap chips, soda, and cake mixes by using my coupons. I chose to pass on those items.

Thank goodness my parents and in laws gardens provided enough tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers. I still spent quite a bit of money on 1% milk, almond milk, bread, eggs, egg whites, corn tortillas, lettuce, avocados, and fruit.

Grocery Challenge Conclusions

Over the last four weeks, I’ve tried to keep my spending to be under $100, and not once did I succeed in that. However, I’ll always choose spending a little more on groceries to feed my family healthier foods that they love. I guess setting my budget at $150 a week would probably have been more reasonable.

I also should have factored in the fact that I have to buy groceries for my full time in-home daycare that I operate. It really doesn’t cost a lot to feed the infants and toddlers I care for on a daily basis, but gallons of milk and snacks can add up especially if I haven’t stayed on track with building my stockpile of daycare supplies.

So what ideas do you have that could help me stay within a better budget? Maybe I’ve missed something, and you have some good ideas to help me save even more money on groceries.

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