Grocery Stock Up Items for July

At the Bayless house, the 4th of July is usually spent at our cabin in Wisconsin or with my husband’s family in Ohio, and it also usually marks the beginning of the end of summer. By mid-July, we unofficially start football season at our house. My husband starts football camp (which in turn gets us ready for when practice really starts in early August) and my oldest son starts flag football practice. We spend any free time trying to fit in all the summer activities that were on our bucket list in May, and we haven’t crossed off yet.

Just because our house gets busy with football, doesn’t mean I take a break from stocking up on July’s lowest priced items. Much like June, in July, you’ll continue to see great sales on barbeque items like condiments, buns, salad dressings, chips, sodas. If you haven’t already stocked your pantry with these items, July is the time to do it before they go back to higher prices for the rest of the year.

I’ve made it a habit this year to buy mayonnaise and ketchup just about every time I head to the store for groceries. Even if I don’t have a coupon for them, paying $2 or less is a great deal! I don’t want to get stuck having to pay $4 for a jar of Hellman’s come November when we run out! You should continue to watch for excellent produce sales at your supermarkets too. We can’t seem to keep enough fresh strawberries and blueberries at our house this year!

After the 4th of July, I would expect to see Back to School sales showing up at Walmart, Target, etc. Last year, I found a lot of great sales on school supplies at Walgreens, too. It’s hard for me to believe I’ll have 2 kids in school this year!

So while the calendar says summer is halfway over, there are still a lot of summer sales to be had, even if July starts the beginning of the end of summer like it does at our house.

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