Halloween 2010 Most Popular Costumes: Predictions

Attention celebrities: if your list of Top 10 Life Goals includes “leave a legacy,” there is hands down no better way than by doing something notable – preferably while wearing a statement outfit – in the months leading up to Halloween. At the very least, your likeness will live on in the Facebook photo albums of college-age kids for the rest of internet eternity – which is more than some can say.

Celebrities have spent the entire year exploiting feature films, the red carpet and tabloids for their opportunity to monopolize Halloween 2010. Here’s what you can expect to see walk through the doors of your Halloween party.

Top Halloween Costumes for Women

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Pretty much anything Lady Gaga does is Halloween-costume worthy. Her meat bikini on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan and its full-frock counterpart at the VMA awards earlier this month caused quite a stir – both in the fashion industry and in the animal rights circles – and girls around the globe are sure to be dressed to the bloody nines this year.

Why it’s popular: Sheer shock value

Necessary supplies: flank steak, moon boots, black fishnet tights, a lot of twine, some tenderizer

Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Bjork’s swan dress

One (or all) of the Golden Girls

The deaths of three out of four Golden Girls in the past few years has prompted a resurgence of 80s TV references and the fashions of elderly women in Florida. Designed for the women (and some die-hard male fans) who prefer their Halloween costume without a side of sexy, the Golden Girls will be a popular choice come October 31.

Why it’s popular: Posthumous celebrité

Necessary supplies: Huge glasses, silk caftans, bold and/or iridescent colors, closed-toe pumps, a perm

Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Michael Jackson

Top Halloween Costumes for Men

Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter

Both with a penchant for the preposterous, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are a match made in Halloween costume heaven. The 2010 release of Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland brought new opportunities for Depp to experiment how lead poisoning might affect his appearance. It also brought new opportunities for guys who really love Halloween to take it to a whole new face-painted level.

Why it’s popular: Johnny Depp can do no wrong

Necessary supplies: White face paint, orange wig, giant top hat, flamboyant silk cravat
Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Heath Ledger’s Joker

Tiger Woods Post Car Accident

Pop culture would be nothing without celebrities making idiots of themselves in real life. When Tiger Woods’ infidelities were exposed and his wife bashed him in the face with one of his own golf clubs, Halloween junkies everywhere couldn’t have been more excited. A bloodied Tiger is the perfect small-investment, low-commitment costume many guys crave. Ask a blond girl friend to follow you around with a nine-iron for the complete experience.

Why it’s popular: Ah, how far the mighty fall

Necessary supplies: Polo shirt, fake blood, putter

Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Gary Busey’s mug shot

Top Halloween Costumes for Groups

Cast of Jersey Shore

The gang from Jersey was an unprecedented success for MTV and the Halloween Holy Grail for groups of friends who like to dress within the same theme. Expect there to be a large contingent of friends fist-pumping, binge-drinking and “smooshing” their way through the night. Proceed with caution.

Why it’s so popular: They’re so funny. Right?

Necessary supplies: Spray tan, gel, a six-pack, lots of Jager bombs

Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Jon and Kate, from Jon and Kate Plus Eight

Mad Men Characters

Don, Joan, Betty – with the premiere of Mad Men came the revitalization of 60s-suave. Skinny ties, fedoras, high-waisted pencil skirts and men in suits: this is one fashion craze that no one seems to mind, which is probably why four years down the road Mad Men madness has yet to stop.

Why it’s so popular: Everyone looks so darn good

Necessary supplies: It’s sexy-conservative with a bouffant (or hat). Lipstick, skinny tie, white shirt and wool dresses with cap sleeves

Costume equivalent from yesteryear: Characters from Chicago

Guest contributor Emma Stover is a writer living in Seattle. She is counting down the days to Halloween on her Orange Circle Studio wall calendars. Less than a month to go!

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