Halloween & Cars : Safety, Texting & Costumes

Adults recalling childhood trick-or-treating will fondly remember pillowcases filled with treats, friendly neighbors, and that one strange house that no one visited. Today, staying safe on Halloween requires much more of children than knowing which one house to avoid. In a culture that is necessarily moving towards closed-circuit festivities, like locally-hosted truck-or-treats, the list of safety rules for children is much longer.

From staying in groups of trusted children, to wearing reflective devices on costumes, kids today have to be aware of safety parameters before going out on All Hallow’s Eve .

In addition to being accompanied by an adult, children may also need a map of neighborhood houses, which denotes those that should be avoided (provided by a parent with access to sex offender registries,and with consideration to old-fashioned neighborly feuds). Gone are the days of popping pieces of candy into our mouths willy-nilly: candies today should be inspected thoroughly, and unwrapped treats should be discarded.

Even those who don’t have children should pay special attention on Halloween, and drive carefully. The posted speed limit is an absolute must during the holiday, in addition to a recommendation to go slower than the limit in residential areas (don’t worry, your auto insurance company will thank you).

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