Halloween Money-Saving Tips for Parents – A Home-Made Witch Costume for Your Kid

Most parents are hunting for cute costumes for their kids when the Halloween festival has been around the corner. But if you don’t want to spend a small fortune, why not consider a DIY gift for your child? Here is a tutorial, guiding you on how to make a cute witch costume for your daughter. It costs you about only $10. What’s more important is that it’s rather environmental friendly ☺.

First, let’s take a look at the completed look. (Since teachers required parents to use recyclable materials to make the costume, we chose black rubbish bags.)

Required materials: black witch hat without any decoration (I bought it in a stationery shop on $6.00), golden packing paper (I got it on $3.00), orange non-woven fabric, black rubbish bags, double faced adhesive tapes and Velcro.

Step 1: attach double faced adhesive tapes on the back of golden packing paper and cut off several stars in different sizes.

Step 2: take an exact measurement on your daughter’s bust, waist and hip. Then, cut off two large pieces from the rubbish bag according to these sizes, which will form the main parts of the costume.

Referring to the hemline, I made it saw tooth-like pattern. Use adhesive tapes to bond these two pieces together along the shoulders and armpits. The costume has almost been finished. Then, attach stars onto it as decorations.

Step 3: tailor the orange non-woven cloth to be a long stripe. Bond the Velcro at both endings. So, the sash is completed. Other decorative stars can be attached on the black unadorned hat.

Step 4: it depends on you whether to make a witch broomstick. Here, kraft paper and a toy brassie are used. Just cut the paper to be several strips and tie all of them by a golden paper at the top. Bond them to the brassie with adhesive tapes or mighty bond.

So, a cute witch costume and broomstick have been finished, within a budget of about $10.00. To make them together with your kid, you may have more fun!

Author bio: Katherine writes for a cosplay store, where you can find deluxe costumes, wigs, Lolita clothes for cosplay and also the upcoming Halloween. For more tutorials or detailed reviews about products, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to our blog.

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