Helpful Apps for Small Business Professionals

A lot goes into a successful business. From HR policies, to office supplies, there are several things to consider and sort out as you begin your start-up. Luckily, in this age of technology and connectedness, there are tools to make the process easier and streamlined. From budgets to documents and legal jargon, there are a plethora of apps available for smartphones, tablets and desktops to help cut costs and increase efficiency.


From gas mileage, to hotel stays and even business lunches and dinners, the items on an expense report are far and wide—and can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to compile it. Thankfully, Expensify takes all of the headache out of the process. Allowing users to upload photos of their receipts and then even attach it to their credit cards, this application is the definition of all-in-one. Free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, Expensify’s accessibility is top-notch. It even allows you to track mileage!


In addition to keeping tabs on your expenses, it’s also important to always be aware of your budget and cash flow situation as a whole—that’s where InDinero comes into play. It works by downloading data from all of your financial accounts—banking, checking, credit cards, etc. It possesses a Real-Time Dashboard that updates almost instantly after every transaction. Also, in addition to relaying what has already occurred, it can provide you with a forecast for what the future holds and how you are going to afford it.

HR at Your Fingertips

Available for both the iPad and iPhone, HR at Your Fingertips is divided into three user-friendly sections. The first is a glossary that is chock full of common HR terms such as absenteeism and affirmative action, making it easy for the user to familiarize themselves with human-resource concepts. The next section is all about HR laws and how they affect your business. It informs users of the rights of employees and employers alike—ensuring proper action is always taken when necessary.

The app also includes a section about developing an effective, thorough employee handbook—something every business needs. This feature helps ensure everyone within the organization is on the same page about everything from dress code to insurance policies and vacation time.

For small businesses, to-dos, tasks and expenses can pile-up overnight, but with the help of these handy tools, you’ll be prepared to tackle them head first! Give them a try—your business will thank you.

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