Hiding Your Valuables at Home? How Secure is Your Safe?

Whether you are considering buying a safe for your home or office, your ultimate goal is to protect your property and important documents from people and other threats. However, before you can make a decision about what type of safe to purchase, you need to think about what type of loss you are trying to guard against.


The level of security you need for your valuables will depend on their sensitivity and the consequences if their contents are distributed to unauthorized individuals or the general public. If you are looking for a secure location for personal financial records or a copy of your will and insurance papers, a fire-resistant filing cabinet that you can lock securely may be all you need.

You may also consider buying one that protects against water damage, even if you don’t live in an area prone to flooding. There is more than one way for the contents of a less-secure cabinet to be damaged by liquids. Think about what would happen if a pipe burst in your home or office. The water used to fight a fire on your premises will deal with one threat but can also lead to damage to your papers as well, which means finding a cabinet that is fire and water resistant may be the way to go.


Some people may choose to have a safety deposit box away from home, but this may be inconvenient for retrieving items such as jewelry or important papers when you want or need them. You may consider having a safe in your home or office to be a better option. This allows you accessibility when you need it but provides added protection when you don’t.


When searching for a home safe, many companies claim to be burglar-proof. However, given enough time and the right resources, a determined burglar may be able to crack the code. So it is more important to think of a safe as being burglar-resistant. Look for products that will deter people from trying to access the safe or even from knowing where it is. Before making your final buying decision, ask questions to find out how much protection you can get from different models.

A home safe can provide you with a certain level of protection against fire or water. When you are shopping for one, check the specifications carefully to find out the level of protection that you are getting if you buy it. The manufacturer should be able to state whether you are getting one hour of fire protection, two hours of protection, etc.

If you need a higher level of protection than a home safe can provide, you might want to consider a high security safe. A product of this type will withstand assault by a number of tools that are part of a burglar’s stock on trade, such as chisels, drills, power saws, and sledge hammers. Unless the person attempting to break in is very determined or patient and somehow able to mask the sounds of their efforts, you should be well-protected from this type of threat with a high security model.

Rather than wondering about how secure a safe is, consider how secure you need it to be and then buy a model that meets your specifications. There are many choices available, and with a little searching you will find the right one. So ask yourself, what valuables do you need to protect and what level of threat do you want to guard against?

Vera Mosley writes for a company that sells home safes. She often blogs on topics like home improvement, eco-friendly products, and crafts and hobbies.

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