Hoover Whisper: Dyson Clone

I’m going to share with you a precious gem that has been residing in our hot deals forum for three whole years now.
Started by Atrac, and brought to life by Cycloneman the topic explores an alternative option for for the elusive Dyson vacuum cleaner.

You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve heard the story. You’ve listened to ‘that guy’ at work swear by the pure cyclone suckage provided with the patented technology that never clogs (except for when it does). And of course, you’ve seen the pricetag. ($500? Really? For a vacuum?)

Enter the Hoover Whisper. For a mere $100 bucks, this bad boy apparently uses the same Dyson technology from a now expired patent. It looks strikingly similar and has many GREAT reviews from the fatwallet community.

When I discovered the Hoover Whisper thread a year or two ago, I grew curious and, honestly, excited. I loved that the vacuum was being referred to as a “Dyson clone” and the raving reviews claiming that it even performs like a Dyson. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. One problem, I already had a vacuum that works just fine :(

So for the next year and a half, everytime I would vacuum (which isn’t often enough according to my wife) I would recklessly vacuum over the cord or my socks or stuffed animals or the curtains. Anything in hopes to kill that beast of a Hoover Windtunnel that was clearly inferior to the “Dyson Clone”

Eventually, we got fed up with the dusty smell that the windtunnel produced and ordered the Whisper from walmart. It was $88, with 98cent shipping, and I used a $10 gift card. It arrived within 5 days.

We’ve been incredibly happy with the vacuum for 6 months now.
It does a great job, it is easy to empty, the attachments work great. Its suction power is very impressive – it’ll give an arm hickey in about 6 seconds.

My only beef with it is the lack of clear carrying method. The top pushy/pully thingie has a handle, and the top of the dustbin has a handle – but are either of them really safe for carrying this bad boy up and down stairs? I end up cradling it like a baby everytime I take it upstairs.

I actually LIKE my vacuum, and I like to use it. I love that I didn’t spend $500 on a vacuum, but still manage to get the performance of a Dyson. There is a TON of great resources in the Hoover Whisper and MachX topic

You can Order the vacuum from walmart.com

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