Hot Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

Tis’ the season to be… shopping! Holidays are on the horizon, and the time for giving is among us. For many, this can be a grueling time, dedicated to finding the “perfect” gift for “her”, the trendsetting fashionista that is expressive, modern and daring. Based on reports from leading fashion experts like Vogue, and Fashion Magazine, we have compiled a list of the 10 most fabulous fads of the fall/winter 2012 season. Not sure where to begin searching for the ideal present? Never fear! With a list of style selections this chic, any one of these ideas is bound to make her holiday wishes come true! 

Wrist Embellishments

This year is about the “bling”. Inspired by southeastern Asian cultures, women are lining their wrists with layers upon layers of watches and various bracelets for an eclectic look that is anything but boring. Do you remember the string woven friendship bracelets that you used to make as a kid? Well, they’re back and better than ever! New, modern friendship bracelets involve weaving fancy beads, rhinestones, chains and the like into the traditional string bracelet format. 

The trend has resulted in a relaxed luxury combination of items that are popular amongst women of all ages and styles. This Christmas, give her some interesting wrist decor that will allow her to take accessorizing to the next level.

  • Urban Outfitters, JCrew and Express and many others offer a wide variety of friendship bracelets that are thick or thin, dainty or tough and more or less expensive. Bring out the inner rockstar or princess in her. Check out Urban Outfitters “Palmdale Bracelet”, which encompasses both the modern friendship bracelet and the latest rose gold craze.
  • La Mer specializes in innovative watch designs that embody a laid-back and fashionable, without trying, attitude in women. Whatever her style may be, there’s a watch to match it. Anything is possible with edgy snake or leopard print band. For everyday wear, try a traditional cognac or black strap. Party girls love neon pink and electric blue leather bands. Select from two or three wrap styles with round or square watch faces that come in gold, rose gold or silver.

Winter Gloves

From fingerless to full coverage and cotton to leather, gloves are a practical “must” have for the cold season. Not only do they keep hands toasty when it’s frigid outside, but they can also play an accessorizing role in one’s overall ensemble. Ideal size for stocking stuffers, gloves and mittens come in many varieties, are affordable and can be found in almost all women’s clothing stores this time of year. 

  • Sofie makes über comfy winter accessories, including Cable Long Half Mittens, which add a lush cashmere layer of warmth to the arms and palms, but leave the hands free to function. 
  • For even greater selections and pricing on gloves, check out mega online sites like Amazon and Zappos.

Opaque Tights

Don’t let her pack away shor

t dresses and tunics just yet. Why not help her extend their winter life by gifting her one or more thick sets of tights that she can pair with some peep-toe platforms and a thick cardigan sweater or coat? For a more casual look, she can dress down tights with an oversized jumper and a nice pair of leather boots. Layering allows warm weather clothing to transcend into cold weather fashions. Grey and black tights are staples, but this season is partial to opaque tights in rich gemstone hues or rustic fall colors. For a simple gift that makes getting dressed simple, find some fun tights that pop. 

  • Gap has a great line of opaque tights that come in trendy winter tones like bordeaux, navy, chocolate, charcoal and black. 
  • Zohara Winter 2012 graphic print tights add a playful edge to any look. Coming in bolder colors with linear images that range from love letters to henna, Zohara tights are a unique fashion find that is economical, unique and she will love. Check out their new collection at




Our love for the rich,

luminous effects of metal has worked its way into the fall/winter 2012 lines. Foiled sweaters and pants, seemingly touched by the hand of King Midas, certainly made their mark on this season’s runway. In contrast to the sweet look of metal foils, this metallic trend also has a hardcore side. Made popular by the current “Biker” trend that is sweeping the fashion world, metal studs are finding their way onto all types of clothing and accessories. As so, metallics have the capability to be both polished or punk, just like our women. Metallics make over simple wardrobe pieces to provide a sense of luxury. The important thing is to not go overboard with this look to the point of tacky. One or two metallic items should be paired with darker solids so that they do not have to fight for attention. 

  • Mango, Diesel and many other lines have incorporated simple gold or silver foiled and sequined knits into their collections. 
  • Zara is the queen of the biker look. Embellished button downs with metal studded shoulders and front pockets, studded boots, clutches and coats can all be found on their site: Get rocker chic with Zara’s “Studded Camouflage Shirt”.


Snake Skin Clutch

snake purseEvery woman needs a trendy clutch for nights out on the town. Being the season of the serpent, what better gift to give than a fabulous snakeskin clutch? There’s something really sexy about the tactile nature of scaly snakeskin that we find alluring. It reflects the idea of grace and danger, which designers like Kate Spade, Fendi, Balenciaga and more have used as inspiration for their latest fall/winter collections. These slithering clutches present a sense of sophistication with an edge. As so, girls will go crazy for them! 

  • Maison Scotch’s “Teal and Black Snake Evolution Clutch” at Piperlime is beyond chic. Its envelope design and fun tasseled closure keep this snake print clutch refined and not over the top.



pajamasThere’s nothing better than a brand new set of pajamas to lounge around the house in over the holidays. From classical silk or flannel two piece sets, to cotton onesies or, depending on who you’re shopping for, some festive lingerie might be just the answer to your gift-seeking needs this Christmas. While you’re shopping for pjs, remember one thing: The best set of pajamas will be the one that keeps your sleeping beauty feeling stylish even in her sleep! 

  • “Bedheads “Zodiac Pajamas” are a set of pajamas that can be ordered to have one’s astrological symbol embroidered on the pocket. Coming in a sweet pink or blue, these pajamas are simple, yet unique. 
  • For the more daring dames, perhaps JCrew’s “Factory Union Suit” would be a more fun alternative to her pajama needs. This red and white, holiday striped onesie is just the thing to keep her feeling youthful.

Fur Collar Or Vest

For a real wild child, help release the beast with fantastic fur accents that will keep her warm all winter long. Fur vests and detachable fur collars are extremely popular this season. As seen by Kenzo, Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe, fur is one of the only soft materials that give off a sense of strength on the runway. Real or faux fur vests can be worn layered over button down shirts or t’s and topped with a coat so that only hints of the fur are revealed. Detachable fur collars, on the other hand, can be added for a finishing touch on any winter look. 

  • Express and Banana Republic offer a large selection of faux fur vests at an affordable price that varies in cut, color and hair type.

Velvet and Brocade

The glamorous opulence of the 17th century baroque period has returned to fashion. The idea: decoration for the sake of beauty and drama, without the need for function. Fashion experts are raving for lush velvets, rich brocade and classic jacquard fabrics fit for royalty. Although you can find these influences in everything from shoes to hats, slim fit pants seem to be the easiest transition into this trend. Match these elaborate bottoms with simple, monochromatic knits or button down tops, blazers and ankle booties that will balance the intensity of this style. 

Puffer Coat

If she’s dreaming of a white Christmas, you want to be sure she has a quality coat to keep her cozy in the cold. Puffy coats, both mid-length and trench styles, are becoming more and more popular in the fashion scene due to their versatility, durability and extreme comfort. Designers like DKNY, Neiman Marcus for unbeatable holiday mark-downs on the largest selection of styles and brands out there. 

“Rent The Runway” Gift Certificate

Finally, the big number 10, is a gift that all women dream of having at their fingertips. As quoted by Kim Turner from, “you might feel confused when you hear her say she has ‘nothing to wear’… Sometimes we (women) can’t bring ourselves to tell you that we didn’t really like what you bought, so it sits in the back of the closet for years. So here is an easy way to stop that madness… give her a closet full of clothes from Rent the Runway.” This company utilizes real women to market high fashion by giving them access to over 25,000 dresses and accessories by the world’s most famous designers at only 10% of the cost. 

  • With a gift certificate for Rent the Runway, she will be the ultimate trendsetter this holiday season. Gift cards range from $25-$1000 and can be purchased at

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