Hot Tips for Frozen Foods

Do you avoid digging to the bottom or the back of your freezer so that you don’t have to think about what you might find or how long it’s maybe been there? I admit this has happened to me on more than one occasion in the 11 years that I’ve been married.

We recently did a major clean out of our chest freezer. We now have our frozen goods organized by category and by recommended expiration date. Hopefully, things will stay neatly organized, and I will be able to find the things I’m looking for when I need them.

How Long in the Freezer?

Before you stock your freezer to the top with your favorites, you may want to check out the recommended length of time that your frozen favorites are “good” for. This is just meant to be a guide. I always tend to base my decisions to use a food based on how it might look or smell. Here’s a link to other food safety storage times.

Other Items that are Safe to Freeze

You’ve probably got your freezer full of items that are bought frozen, but what about other items you may find great sales on that you’d like to extend the shelf life on, so you’re not stuck paying full price later on? Kristin from shares some great ideas for freezing things like milk, vegetables, and cheeses. I would never have thought to freeze eggs, but then again eggs don’t last long enough to at this house to be frozen!

Freezing Left-overs

And before you freeze foods that you may have prepared ahead of time or have left over from meals, you want consider doing the following things:

How to Freeze Foods

  • Allow the foods to cool completely

  • Store them in freezer safe bags or storage containers
  • Leave as little air as possible in the packaging.
  • Items such as meats and baked goods should be wrapped in foil first
  • Write on the outside of the package what it is
  • Date the item so you’ll know how long it’s been in the freezer

Other Freezing Tips

Some other things to think about when freezing items:

  • Rotate items in your freezer. For example, vegetables that you just bought at the store today, should go below the ones you bought last month so those get used up first.

  • Never re-freeze items that have been previously frozen
  • If ice has built up in your freezer, it’s time to defrost it so that your freezer runs more efficiently

FatWallet Round-up:

We granted ourselves the luxury of a few minutes on Pinterest and rounded up some other helpful freezer resources for you:

Keep your freezer organized and all your favorite ingredients on hand with this Printable Freezer Inventory List By Erin Huffstetler
Great post by by Kerry on to help you save money by not wasting food using freezer labels you can print on adhesive paper.
Save yourself time and money by making ahead simple freezer meals. There are some delicious sounding recipes and great tips on this post, Easy Freezer Meals by Andria Scott Hurst on the blog.

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