FatWallet Giveaway: Win a $250 Hotels.com Gift Card!

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Looking to get away for a weekend or even longer? I know most of us at FatWallet are dreaming of somewhere with warm, sandy beaches. We are excited to announce this giveaway from Hotels.com. Hotels.com will like to give one lucky FatWalleter a $250.00 gift certificate.

Hotels.com gives travelers a wide selection of lodging which includes independent and major chain hotels and self-catering with over 240,000 properties worldwide. Hotels.com offers more than hotel accommodations by offering packages and flights and available amenities you can guarantee you will get a luxury hotel room/suite for a great price.


You must be a FatWallet member, but there are plenty of ways to enter. You can earn a different number of entries for each type of entry. Comment, tweet, pin, follow us, like us, circle us — the more you do, the more entries you get! This sweepstake ends on Monday, February 16th at 11:59 P.M. CST. The winner will be randomly picked through Rafflecopter, and will be posted on this blog.



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Good Luck!
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    • Nadine Hughes says

      I would have to use it for myself.((selfish?)) I am going to be put on the lung transplant list. Wanna get over feeling whatever it is I’m feeling.

  1. Dlori says

    I’ve always loved traveling with my mom. I’ve been ill for awhile & if I had the money, I’d love nothing more than spending special time alone w/my mom away from life’s daily stresses. However, she’s been living w/a man for the past almost 15 years who is recovering from cancer. So as much as I’d like to go away w/her, I’d give this special gift to my mom so she can use it with her partner.

    Thank you for this generous giveaway and good luck to all.


  2. Pamela Haddad says

    I would give it to my husband who neglected to give me an anniversary present or card or anything last week for our 23rd anniversary. Then I’d let him pamper me.

  3. Tiffany Dover says

    I would give this to my friends Zeth and Lauren! They lost everything to a tornado last April, then his dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In September of last year her dad was cleaning up their property that was hit by the tornado and died due to a tragic accident on a bobcat. 3 weeks later, his dad lost his battle with cancer. 2014 was a terrible year for them and I would love to be able to bless them with a few days of alone time!

  4. Kricket Fountain says

    Aw, I hate to be greedy, but I would give it to MYSELF! I’m 30 weeks pregnant & the hubby and I are in desperate need of some us time!!


    I WOULD WANT TO KEEP MYSELF. I don’t want to sound selfish but I would take my grandsons with me. I am a 55 yr/ old divorced woman who is trying to get through school. However, health issues have caused ,e to drop 2 semesters, that along with my Mom and baby sister passing away.

  6. Carol B says

    Honestly, I really need a few days away!!! I know my mom could use a vacation too & I can never get enough time to spend with her (you never fully appreciate mom until you’re an adult & she’s elderly) so I’d use it towards a getaway for the two of us.

  7. lisa m says

    I would give this to myself!!!! and go on a trip with friends and get a hotel somewhere warm. It’s freezing in Michigan right now!!!

  8. Briana says

    My boyfriend and I are going through tough times, I am unemployed and he has crushing student debt. Due to our lack of finances and living situations we get very little alone time. I would love to surprise him with a romantic weekend! Thank you!

  9. Debra S says

    Who would I give this to? You’re kidding, right? I would give it to myself! Yes, it’s my time now. Time for the husband and I to get out a bit now. To do some things one just can’t when you were raising kids.

  10. janesdtr says

    We could really use this because my daughter will be hearing from colleges soon, and we’ll be taking some visits. So, I guess you could say I’d give the certificate to my daughter!

  11. Kelly Nicholson says

    Click through to Hotels.com and leave us a comment about who you would give this to!

    this is for me..weekend getaway baby

  12. Kimberly M. says

    I would keep it. We take a lot of road trips and this would sure come in handy for our road trips. I would also love to take my grandsons to an amusement park or a zoo this spring/summer so I could use this and make it an extra special get away.

  13. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I would give this to my youngest daughter. I’ve been missing her so much while she’s away at college. It would be fun if we could go somewhere together!

  14. Joanna Dawn Smith says

    I would gift this to my sister who travels at least twice a month. Who knows, maybe if I give her this, she will take me somewhere with her! Thanks so much for the chance to enter

  15. Kathy Blalock says

    If I won this I would share with my son by taking a couple of nights away to the coast before he leaves for college

  16. Pamela says

    I would give this to my husband with the provision that he would have to take me somewhere warm. It’s going to be a cold week in Illinois so it’d be great to get away.

  17. Jacob says

    Our close friends have a couple of kids and don’t travel much so this would be great to give them so they can enjoy a little weekend trip

  18. Geoff K says

    I’d give this to my sister for an upcoming trip to NYC – of course, it would also be for myself since we’re taking the trip together!

  19. Isaac Abadi says

    I would use it myself, I want to get out of Cleveland for a few days, we have tons of snow and its freezing, I wish I could go to a warmer state.

  20. Jean D. says

    I’d love to give this to my daughter, to give her an opportunity to take a second honeymoon.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

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