How Can I Save With Cheap Wedding Supplies?

Let’s face it – weddings are expensive affairs. Everything from formal wear to food to transportation needs to be considered – not to mention all the tiny details which have to be taken into account like flowers, balloons, or candles.

As each couple sees the numbers adding up on a very long list, they begin to ask themselves one primary question. Where can I cut some corners and save a little money by using cheap wedding supplies?

The answer to such an important question is actually a rather extensive collection of places if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put forth a little do-it-yourself effort to make a few things yourself.

Invitations are a key point where ridiculous amounts of money can be saved as professional printers and stationary stores know that they can charge a small fortune. Yet, with so many stationary options available, it is easy for someone to get a box of specially designed card stock (many of them even include software to help you design the invitation format) from any major office supply or hobby store and then print the invitations yourself on your home printer.

While flowers are vital to bring life and color into any wedding and reception, the blossoms along your reception tables can be an easy way to save some funds for your honeymoon. Rather than spending a lot of money at a florist to create table centerpieces, you can buy flower petals (usually matching the flowers used in the other bouquets) and a large box of tea candles to spread over the tables. The technique of scattering flower petals and tiny candles over the tables creates a very romantic atmosphere for your reception where you do not have to worry about people peering over large ornamentation to look at each other.

Photos can be another way to cut down on your budget. Be sure to have a professional photographer for post-ceremony pictures of you and your beloved in addition to primary guests and the bridal parties. Having the photographer there for the ceremony and only an hour of the reception will keep costs lower than having him or her stay the entire time. Gathering a set of disposable cameras to leave on each table for your guests to freely take pictures of what they see and do at the reception lets you preserve memories more inexpensively than hiring a professional photographer to stay for hours on end.

Hopefully these few tips will have shown you there are many ways in which you can halt your rising costs by using cheap wedding reception supplies. With a little thinking outside of the box, you will save many hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This article was written exclusively for by Chloe Wilson whose website offers advice to those about to get married on all of the bits and bobs they do not want to forget. She talks about popular themes such as beach weddings as well as how to save money by using cheap wedding supplies.

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