How Much Money Do You Spend on Coffee?

I’m testing the latte factor, or I should actually say I’m testing myself. I write this hesitantly because, yes I could fail, but I might as well share my story with you on buying less lattes. I’m just testing it out because my budget could use it, but I’m emotionally attached and just fine with my addiction.

First off, I’m spoiled because I can make a pretty good latte at work with a sweet espresso machine, thanks Tim Storm! But, there’s just something about going to the coffee shop and having one made for you (maybe it’s the flavor, maybe it’s a mental thing, a habit or a whatchamacallit.) But I’ve got it pretty bad. Coffee. Addict.

The Story Behind Joe.

Let’s backtrack to the innocent beginnings of my morning cravings, chocolate milk or OJ. Let me set the scene: my first job out of college. Didn’t drink coffee. My work was located next door to a coffee shop. The daily routine at the office consisted of getting coffee and meetings over coffee. I tasted that first sip of Joe, java, caffeine goodness, whatever you want to call it, and the rest is bittersweet history. Fast-forward to July 2011 and the beginning of my latte factor test.

I went to work, used FatWallet’s espresso machine and made a fabulous iced latte with my mad barista skills. This has continued for weeks, and I’m saving at least $15 to $20 a week. I leave room for one drink a week, if I want it, because I like options. And right now, I let myself get a coffee on the weekends.

My will power is still weak in this area, and I’d tell anyone, “Go Ahead and grab yourself a cup of Joe. You deserve it.” But if you don’t have a killer espresso machine at work, search for different coffee deals online or check out a couple of ideas I’m going to incorporate to save even more:

Use a discount card.

Starbucks Rewards offers cards to get free syrup flavors and earn free drinks. I also love my local coffee shops that offer drink cards or weekly specials. Look for specials at your local coffee bar.

Buy a new machine (that you’ll use!)

I’ve bought a coffee maker and an espresso machine, and they are in my basement. For my next purchase, I will buy the CBTL (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) Kaldi because it’s a single-serving coffee maker that uses espresso capsules! You can make coffee, espresso or tea, and I absolutely love the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf flavor. I’m bringing CBTL midtown (as in my kitchen) since the chain is only found on the west or east side. Find what works best for you.

So what’s the moral of this story? Yes, I blame it on the real world.

What do you blame? If you’re not pointing fingers, then you’re a step ahead of me. Out of denial. But my problem is I don’t see it as a problem. I see it as something I deserve when I embark on a new day, something that puts a smile on my face, a caffeinated treat, a buzz in my day.

When did you meet Joe?

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