How to Create a Magical Backyard Patio

DIY Backyard Patio Ideas

We spend too many hours cooped up in a climate controlled office throughout the week, living for the weekends to spend our time outside. There’s no reason to save the patio enjoyment for the weekend.

So what if it’s a weeknight! Kick off your shoes, drop your cell phone on the counter, grab a beverage from the fridge and step into paradise outside your back door.┬áSpend the evenings on the patio after the sun has sunk heavily below the horizon. Watch twilight turn into night as the lightning bugs flicker above the grass, under a sprinkling of stars.

If your patio isn’t paradise yet, let us help it live up to its potential. Here are the essentials to create a the magic of a midsummer night on your backyard patio no matter what your budget is.

Make any night on the patio a beautiful night with lighting

Patio Decor An array of candles nestled inside glass hurricanes, mason jars, or lanterns (Target up to 2.5% Cash Back) will set the mood to relax mode instantly. Scatter them around on tables and the floor and hang them from your trees in the yard or above you on a pergola maximum effect. My rule of candles is that you can never have too many!Twinkle lights are not just for the holidays! Wrap them around trees, bushes, or other sturdy plants in your yard. A string of lights above you will give you instant romance of a European cafe.Add spotlights on trees and special features of your yard and don’t be afraid to add some inside touches to your outside living space. There are solar powered lamps as well as ceiling fans and chandeliers made specially for use outside.

Create a little heat to warm up the night

2diy-fire A built-in or portable fire pit like this one, from Wayfair (3% Cash Back) will provide warmth as well as light and entertainment. If you’re in a setting where a fire pit is not an option a cluster of candles will give a similar effect.DIY Network has many ideas to inspire you in your backyard makeover with fireplaces of all shapes and sizes.If it’s chilly, a patio heater (Lowe’s up to 2.25% Cash Back) would be a good investment. Don’t be afraid to bring out some blankets and snuggle up with your sweetheart to create some of your own heat. :)

Set your mood for an evening relaxation with your favorite music

3outdoor-speaker Music can change your mood from stressed out bad day to chilled out mellow in just a few beats. Queue up your favorite play list on some indoor/outdoor speakers (Best Buy 2% Cash Back.)

Cozy up backyard patio hard spaces with soft touches

4Kristin-Jackson-Patio-Style-Challenge-1 Comfortable patio furniture is a must! Whether you want a table and chairs, or a comfy seating area with sofas and ottomans, the options in affordable patio furniture are endless. I love this set from Sears and this patio set from Home Depot! (Sears 3% Cash Back and Home Depot 3% Cash Back)The image to the left from Home Depot blogger, Kristin Jackson, from the Hunted Interior proves that pillows, rugs, and accessories are not just for inside use these days! Adding color and comfort to your patio furniture will definitely enhance your outdoor space and make you want to linger a while longer.

Don’t be disturbed by neighbors

5trellis planter Adding some privacy screens, fences, and strategically plantings can make your patio feel a whole lot more private. Lowe’s has plans to build this pretty trellis planter on their blog.If you already have a fenced in or enclosed patio space, don’t be afraid to hang some mirrors to double the sparkle from your candles and visually make your space feel larger.

What have you done to make your backyard magical? Tell us in the comments below!

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