How to Decorate for the Holidays Without Red and Green

Let’s face it – we’re all about the reason for the season, but the red-green scheme has got to go. It is – in small doses and with the right shades of crimson and forest – tolerable, but the clashing, garish knick knacks and decorations of generations past are just that: garish and clashing.

This holiday season, embrace these modern decorations that are redefining festive.

Not only do pinecones evoke the Christmas-y sentiments of home, hearth and tiny woodland creatures hunkering down for winter, they are really, really cheap and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Grab your hot glue gun and go nuts: a string of pinecones can replace a banister of tinsel and glitter-infused ornaments.

Sprinkle them around the coffee table, fill a large crystal vase for a wintertime centerpiece, and make merry with Mother Nature.

White lights and tea candles
The epitome of class and style, twinkling white lights add an aura of adult that blinking blue icicles lack. It’s a timeless look that keeps your home (both inside and out) looking warm, cozy and inviting no matter how chilly it is.

Candles are a no-fail, all year long, decorative delight, but come the holiday season nothing is more romantically festive than a hearth that glows with candlelight. Note: extra points for a couple of candles that smell of sugar plums and pumpkin pies.

Go gilded
Silver and gold may not be inherently holiday, but when there’s enough of it, it’s a visual spectacle worthy only of Christmas time. Bulbs, orbs, leaves, pinecones, statues, stars, candle sticks, wrapping paper: ’tis the season for a monochromatic masterpiece.

And just think of how shimmering your home will be when you add in a couple of those white twinkle lights.

Decorate outside the (gift) box
Most things can turn from familiar to festive when done right. Sheet music can be cut into strips and turned into elegant bows; rich purple cloth adds a pop of unexpected color around the base of the Christmas tree. Get inspired by checking out artisans on Etsy or picking the brains of some of your more creatively-inclined friends.

Worried about the lack of red?
Don’t completely abandon on the traditional (albeit tragic) Christmas colors – just use them sparingly. Brighten up an all-white tablescape with dishes of bright red cranberries and add fresh green pine boughs to your silver-clad mantel. Mix and match and your holidays won’t look too unfamiliar.

Guest contributor Emma Stover is a writer who loves to try unconventional holiday decorations. She writes for Global Sources, a B2B online resource of manufacturers of all sorts of items (both unconventional and not), like lighting manufacturers and clothing manufacturers.

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