How to Make Her a Daddy’s Girl

daddy's girl

Like father, like sondaughter!
Fathers and daughters have a very special bond, especially for a Daddy’s girl. Dad is the one who can be goofy all of the time, but still teach the rights from the wrongs. No matter what my dad was doing, I always wanted to join in and hang with him. (I didn’t learn how to throw a spiral by myself!) I asked around the office, here at FatWallet, for some memories and advice for dads. We came up with a great list, that will help to create the best memories in a daughter’s life.

Happy Fathers Day!

How to Wrap Her Around Your Finger

  • Squish all of the creepy crawlers
  • Read to her (Even the scary ones, where you are always the hero!)
  • Tuck her in every night – even if she will sneak right back in with mom and dad
  • Let her know that she can be anything she wants to be
  • Help make all of her dreams come true

  • Have a tea party with her
  • Help her do her hair, and let her do your hair, (she can pretend if you are bald!)
  • Paint her nails, and let her paint yours
  • Let her pick out her outfit & make sure to tell her how fashionable she is
  • Watch a princess movie with her, be sure to take notes

  • Teach her the outdoors: fishing, hiking, hunting – worms aren’t that bad!
  • Show her how to ride a bike
  • Rebound for her, after every shot!
  • Let her know everything about your favorite teams & sports
  • Be her biggest fan

  • Treat her mom like royalty
  • Buy her flowers
  • Take her on a date, but let her pick where
  • Tell her “I love you,” – texts are nice, but phone calls actually “say” it
  • Remind her how beautiful she is on the inside & out

  • Teach her the value of a dollar
  • Make sure she knows how to drive safe
  • Show her how to fix things for when she’s on her own
  • Offer to check her oil/tire pressure – but show her how to do it!
  • Build her a lemonade stand, and join in!

  • Teach her how to respect herself & how she should be treated
  • Be there for her big moments, through the ups and downs
  • Say yes to every father-daughter dance
  • Have high expectations for her
  • Correct her when she’s wrong, even when she doesn’t like it

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