How To Safely Use Business Credit Card

Using a credit card is safer than carrying cash for your purchases. With increased cases of fraud on credit cards, it is advisable to be cautious while using the credit card. Some of the measures you can take to exercise precaution include the following:

Keep your credit card information private

  • The card number and the PIN should not be disclosed to anybody. Memorize the PIN or if you have to write down ensure that it is not on the card, on your wallet or other identification documents. Do not keep the PIN information together with your credit card. In case your card gets stolen and your PIN can be accessed, your account can be easily tampered with.

  • If someone calls you and claims to be from your bank and would like to have your card’s information, do not disclose but instead call your bank for clarification. Thieves steal from unsuspecting people by asking personal information about the bank accounts which they use to withdraw money from these accounts. You should always ignore emails asking you about your card details regardless of how official they look. Always conduct your bank before disclosing any information on your bank account(s) to any person.
  • Always keep an eye on who may be peeping on you while you are using your card. Some one can try to obtain this information for fraudulent acts on your account. Ensure that your online access codes are not known by any other person as this increases the security on your accounts.

Have a back up for your credit card

  • When you collect your card from your company, it is advisable to record the contacts details of the bank for use in case you face a problem with your card.

  • Keep a proper record of your card transactions as this can help in identifying any malpractice on your account early enough to avoid a lot of losses.
  • Record your card details in a separate piece of paper and keep it away from your card. You can use this information to contact your bank in case you lose your card or if the card is eaten by the ATM.
  • In case you lose your credit card, you should report to your company within the shortest time possible. The company will stop any transaction on that card until the problem has been solved and the client is in possession of his or her credit card.
    Update your credit card company when you are traveling to new places

  • The company can adequately advise you while traveling to a new place on some charges which may be applicable on purchases in foreign currency such as conversion fees. Keep a record of your card charges for proper planning while on a journey.
  • Companies monitor the client’s accounts and a big purchase may be denied in a new place if the company does not have prior knowledge of your being in that country. To avoid such embarrassments, constantly contact your company before traveling.

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