How to Save Money and Find the Best Value Home Alarm System

Property crime in the United States makes up around 65% of all crime figures. Unbelievably, nearly 40% of homes burgled had alarms but the security systems were not turned on.

You will probably know someone close to you who has been burgled before and understand the distress. The impact of a burglary is not purely financial but also emotional so safeguarding your home is important.

Statistics continue to illustrate that the vast majority of criminals will choose a home without an alarm system and will ignore homes which are better protected. Alarm systems can vary in terms of protection and cost but this is certainly not a product where you want to buy the cheapest, so we have provided 5 tips for finding the best value alarm system for your property.

1. Always Ask Around

The first step to saving money is to make sure you get estimates from at least 3-4 different security specialists. This will help you get a clear indication of the price range of the alarms and the type of security they provide. You need to be clear about what you type of security you want so they don’t under or oversell to you and let them know that you are looking elsewhere so that they are motivated to gain your business by offering a competitive rate. Some companies even offer a price match guarantee so if you find a cheaper system but prefer the customer service elsewhere let them know to see if they will match the price.

2. Speak to friends and family?

People trust people, especially ones that are close to them and are able to give honest reviews of products. Speak to close friends, family and neighbours to see what alarm they are using and whether they would recommend it. Having this extra bit of knowledge will save you from purchasing the wrong alarm and having to pay more in the long run to replace it.

3. Understand what you are getting

Make sure you don’t let the security salesman confuse you with technical explanations or industry jargon. Any trustworthy and reliable security specialists will be able to explain the features of the product which will help you feel more comfortable. Some alarm systems have a lot of product features which offer different types of protection so make sure you know exactly how to use it and learn what each product feature does.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Any respectable alarm company should be able to provide you with a money back guarantee on their security products, usually around 30 days. It is recommended that you find out whether you get additional fees such as shipping costs reimbursed as sometimes they will not cover these charges.

5. Pay Structure & Hidden Fees

The pricing structures when purchasing a security system can be a little confusing. Some companies have a straight up fee which includes everything from the product to delivery to fitting; however, that is not always the case. Some companies charge a fee up front for the product, an installation fee, and then a monthly monitoring and even potential cancellation fees. It is recommended to look for a pay structure that identifies and includes all the costs up front so you don’t get stung by any hidden fees in the future.

6. Do It Yourself

This will be one way to save money and although it is not recommended for everyone it can be done safely and correctly.

Each of these money saving tips are brought to you by Yale home alarm systems. Yale are committed to ensuring consumers have enough information and knowledge to make the correct industry choices.


  1. says

    Indeed, as a worker for a small home security service in Montreal, I agree with your article.
    Choosing your residential security device should not be taken lightly. Many services offer additional services (and fees) you probably don’t need.
    The best one usually offers a mobile application so you know when something is going in your house, you can also watch the security cameras from your phone and lock/unlock the device, useful if someone you know needs to go inside your home.

  2. Jennifer says

    Thanks for sharing Penny.
    I personally use to lower my bills like cell phone and internet.
    But recently I also used them for my alarm system and they managed to get me a $10 discount on my monthly bill over the next 12 months.
    It’s not huge but that’s still a $120 saving per year and it took me only 5 min to sign up on their website.

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