How to Save Money at Target

Ah Target – it’s like the mecca of all things wonderful for a lot of people. It’s less crowded and higher quality than Wal-Mart, but still cheap enough to pop in on your lunch break, after work, on the weekends, when you have a free evening… you get the picture. Aside from being a one-stop-shop that brings a smile to all patrons’ faces, the store also has some stellar ways for you to save some cash while still scoring some fabulous finds.

    1. Stack Your Coupons

    Target lets you “stack” coupons by letting you use one Target coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per product to get the maximum discount as long as the coupon doesn’t specify that you can’t use it in conjunction with other coupons. You can find all of Target’s store coupons on the Target website.

    2. Shop the Sales with Coupons

    Not every store will let you use a coupon on a sale item, but Target does, allowing you to get an additional discount on an already discounted item.

    3. Buy Trial Sizes… For Free!

    Not all coupons specify the size limit of items you can use the coupon on, meaning you can go to the trial size section at Target and use your coupon to get the item for pennies on the dollar, or – if you’re lucky – for free!

    4. Bring Your Own Bags

    Target rewards customers for utilizing reusable bags by giving them $0.05 back for each reusable bag you use. It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps!

    5. Get the Target Credit Card

    Every time you check out using your Target credit card you get 5% back on your purchase, which usually will end up being close to the equivalent of what you’d pay in tax anyway.

    6. Shop Clearance

    You can score some pretty great deals by shopping the clearance sections of Target. They usually have one section per department with all the clearance merchandise grouped together, ranging from 15-90% off, depending on how long the item has been on clearance, etc. If there’s a lot of one item on clearance wait until the next week to come back and see if it’s been marked down even more.

    7. Take Advantage of Gift Card Promos

    Every week Target will advertise a few different items with “gift card promos”, meaning you get a $5 gift card for purchasing a certain item. If you team that up with coupons you could end up getting money back.

    8. Don’t Miss the Target Daily Deals Online

    Daily Deals offer you one awesome deal per day on their website that they will couple with free shipping.

    9. Price Match

    Any competitor’s ad that shows an identical item for a lower price will be honored according to Target’s Price Match Policy. There are stipulations though – the ad has to be local and current and the item has to be the same brand, quantity, model, etc.

    10. Use Mobile Phone Coupons

    You can access coupons on your phone that will have a barcode on them so you can use them at checkout when you sign up to receive text coupons from Target. You’ll want unlimited text messaging though to avoid incurring any fees – they send out coupons once a month and you are able to combine them with manufacturer’s coupons.

Target has everything from groceries to household supplies to clothes – and everything else in-between – making it easy to get sucked in once you enter through those double doors. So if you’re not in the mood to hit up multiple stores for all your shopping, Target is a great place to save money and stock up on all the essentials (and nonessentials) for your home. And if you employ these easy money-saving tactics, you can get everything you need without breaking the bank!

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