How to Save Money without Wasting Time

It’s not a secret that saving money often takes up a lot of time. Coupon clipping alone can take hours to cut, sort and then separate out the coupons you plan to use that day at the grocery store. What if you’re the type of person who is working long hours and simply doesn’t have the time to research every decision or seek elusive coupon deals? Usually this means you make enough money to pay for the convenience of spending it, but there are some nice ways you can save money without taking much time at all.

Use Apps to Your Advantage
Surely with a power job you have a power phone. Why not put that phone to work for you saving money? Download apps for your bank, your loans and some financial planning software like an online checkbook register and you’ll be able to see your accounts at all times to monitor your spending in less than a minute. Being connected means you can see how much is in your account and knowing that you’re monitoring spending often means you spend a bit less. Keep track of money on a daily basis and even without consciously spending less, you’ll start cutting back simply because you don’t want to see that hard-earned money wasted.

Load Coupons Online
If you have a shopper’s card from certain grocery stores, you can load your coupons to your card automatically. Is every coupon out there? No way, but it’s a little bit of savings when you’d otherwise have none at all. Take five minutes to click through the six or seven pages of available coupons. Check the ones that match what you normally buy and then save them to your shopper’s card. If you need help remembering what you’ve just loaded, you can either print out a list or just pull out that phone again and make a note of what you need to buy at the store. Shopping with a list means fewer impulse buys and you can make the list any time since you’ll be working on your phone and it’s always with you.

Collect the Easy Coupons
If you’re the kind of person who practically lives in your car, why store any sort of restaurant coupons at home? Bring them into the car with you. Grab a cheap plastic pencil box and stash it in your car’s dash. When you go out for lunch, look for loyalty cards or frequent buyer punch cards in the restaurant. Get your punches and then don’t stash the card in your wallet – put it in your box. If you find a coupon while flipping through your mail (which you have to do anyway) throw it in the box, too.

You don’t have to use any of the coupons or card, but having a box of discounts or potential discounts will make it easy to decide where to go to lunch with colleagues or where to grab take out on the way home. Just flip through the box and see what strikes your fancy on the way out of the parking lot for a delicious meal you’d get anyway but with a few dollars saved at the same time.

Guest contributor Rebecca Garland is a veteran freelance business writer working hard to populate the internet with relevant, interesting content you can actually put to use. She writes regularly for many companies and websites such as on topics ranging from social media to online money management, and everything in between.

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