How to: Search for coupon codes, discounts, and free shipping.

(from) Basic Online Shopping Tips: Tip #1

1. Search for coupon codes, discounts, and free shipping.

Finding Coupons: A good place to start, when looking for coupons, is on coupon search web sites such as Retailmenot, or even FatWallet’s Coupon Search. Most of them offer comprehensive search bars that can provide accurate product, store or category results for the terms you enter. Search engines such as Google will help you find the coupon search sites available for you to use as your main resource.

Once you’ve found the coupon “code”, you can either proceed directly through the link (usually associated with your search results taking you to an online store), or save/copy the code and go to the online store at your leisure. The code is usually applied in the check-out process towards the end of your online purchases.

Tip: Coupons are in high demand. Subscribing to RSS feeds, emails or other means of receiving updates will keep you in the know. Codes can have limits, either as expiration dates or even as limited quantities. Read!

Deep Discounts and Free Shipping: Like coupons, discounts and free shipping often have expiration dates and codes (sometimes referred to as “Promotional” codes) associated to them. They are a little more difficult to find in a general search. I would recommend visiting deal sites, shopping forums or sites that also offer cash back and rewards. They are the one-stop for these kind of promotions.

The other thing to do when on a retail site is to purposely keep an eye out for extra incentives to save (the home page is a great place to start).

Tip: Read the restrictions notices (sometimes referred to as terms and conditions) to make sure the discount will apply to your particular purchase.

Hope that helps. Next up, “How to add in cash back, rewards and points.

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