How to Totally Suck at Getting More Out of Your Day

Some say that time itself is the most precious thing we have. Our 24 hours define how much money we can make or save, how much interaction we can have with our children, how much entertainment we can get, and so on and so forth.

But don’t you ever find yourself in a situation where it’s 3PM already and you still haven’t done anything meaningful? I mean, is the whole productivity thing and getting stuff done so difficult? Or do some people have it figured out while others don’t.

Actually, it’s not difficult at all, but I think that giving straight-up advice on how to do things properly won’t be the best approach here. That’s why I’m taking a completely different angle…

Here’s how to totally suck at using your day to its full potential.

1. Get up late

You’ve been working till midnight anyway, right? Everybody needs some sleep, and you, out of all people, certainly deserve to have yours. The best time to get up is around 11AM. That way, by the time you eat your breakfast and read the news it’ll be 1PM already. A great time to start working!

2. Start with Facebook

Ahh, Facebook, the perfect beginning of every day. I mean, you have to know what’s going on in other people’s lives, right? People like your friends, your family, and let’s not forget about your ex. A nice session on Facebook can take you anything from 20 minutes to even 2 hours. Time well spent, though … time well spent.

3. Getting Up-to-Date With the World

No matter what, you need to get up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Therefore you should check every possible news site out there (in order not to miss anything). Watching some TV would be a nice idea as well. The main reason for this is that you can’t really succeed in anything unless you’re the most informed person around.

4. Don’t Create a Plan for Your Day

Planning is for unorganized people, you don’t need it. Besides, why lose time on planning when you can simply do the work that’s waiting for you anyway. You will wander around for a while but eventually you will get a grasp on everything and be just fine. Also, tell yourself that you have until the evening anyway, so you will be able to do everything eventually. Even if it makes you go to sleep at 2 in the morning!

Or you can try this opposite approach:

5. Plan too Much Stuff

A to-do list with less than 20 items on it is for beginners. The whole point of creating a to-do list is to include at least a couple dozens of different tasks. Of course, you won’t be able to execute everything, but then you can always shift those tasks to the next day and end up with an even bigger list!

6. Use no System of Getting Work Done

There are methodologies like Getting Things Done and others, but you’d need to spend really¬† much time on learning them. Besides, no one said that they are certain to bring you any benefits anyway. Since you’re a grownup you probably already have most of the stuff you’re dealing with on a daily basis figured out, so you don’t need anyone telling you how to do things.

7. Consume Way too Much Information

I know, working is difficult, therefore you should consume every bit of possible information before taking care of any of your tasks. Go to Google. This should keep you occupied for at least half an hour before actually handling the task. This is the only way you’re going to produce a quality result! Your boss/client will surely understand why you have to take forever before delivering any results.

8. Don’t Take Breaks

Breaks consume just way too much time. If you were to take breaks every one hour of working, you wouldn’t be able to do anything at all! The superior approach is to work constantly from the morning till you go to sleep. Well, by working constantly I actually mean the time you’re left with after taking care of Facebook, the news, getting information, and everything else that has been mentioned above…

9. Don’t Use Any Software Tools

What I mean here by “software tools” is every tool that could help you manage your time and work. Things like Remember The Milk, or Google Calendar, and so on. Those are cool, but they’re only toys. You can’t use them for any actual work aid, right? You’re way better off simply noting things down on a sticky note and placing it next to your computer screen.

10. Don’t Relax, There’s No Time!

I already talked about taking breaks, or not taking breaks, more accurately. This is about something bigger, this is about relaxing in the evening or over the weekend. As you should know by now … there’s no time for that. Relaxation is for people with either no jobs, no kids, no responsibilities, or all of the above. If you’re an active person, trying to earn a living then there’s no time to lose. How else will you make all your money?! Sitting on a beach won’t give you anything tangible or valuable in any way!

Are You Like This?

{Back to the reality}

Take one more look at the above list, be honest with yourself, and think about this: How many of these things are you guilty of doing … every day?

You don’t have to share this information, just keep it to yourself. Then flip it 180 degrees and see what can happen to your productivity and the ability to get the most out of your day.

And the point here is not to be perfect, it’s just to be able to snap out of this unproductive mindset much quicker when it hits you. It really doesn’t take much, just some small steps here and there.

Feel free to tell me what you think about all this. Do you think that you know how to enjoy your every day to the fullest?

About the author: Karol K. @carlosinho is a freelance writer, blogger and online entrepreneur. He’s passionate about productivity and sharing writing productivity tips with other freelancers. You can find him at YoungPrePro – the top blog for writers.

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