How you can Get More from your Property Sale

The real estate market is a widely fluctuating place. Property prices can vary year on year and people either earn or loss a lot of money. No matter what the state of the market is like there are numerous pieces of advice that real estate agents and mortgage brokers would consistently give you in order to gain more value from your property sale.
Following these guidelines would allow you to know the secret tricks of the trade and to have the best possible chance of exceeding your desired asking price.

1. Method of Sale

When it comes to selling your property, there are three main methods to choose from:

  • Private Sale

  • Public Auction
  • Public Tender

All three have their advantages and disadvantages and knowing how and when to choose one method will be vital in getting the most out of your property. If your property resides in a popular suburb / state then an auction can help push the price up through competitive bidding. On the other hand, a private sale would be best for homeowners who wished to complete any sale quickly and were confident in their ability to negotiate.

2. When to Sell – Timings

When is the right time to sell? Well the simplest answer would be to say at the height of a property boom and to the highest bidder but it is not always as easy as that. Timings can be very important in deciding just how much you get from the sale of your home. A lot of real estate agents prefer selling in spring due to the extra sunshine and longer hours of daylight. If your garden is one of the most striking features of your property then this is a great opportunity for you to show off your property.

One of the most commonly accepted worst time of year to sell is winter, particularly the period between December 10th – 10th January.

3. Listing Photos

You would be surprised to know how many sellers don’t spend enough time on taking photographs of their property. Too many times potential buyers are put off enquiring further due to the lack of images and also the poor resolution and picture quality. This is a chance for you to show off your property and give buyers a taste of what they could own. Always remember, if you are going to spend time taking the pictures then you should try to ensure they are taken in the best resolution, rather than grainy and blurred.

4. First Impressions

No matter how much we hate judging people and places, first impressions count for a lot. One way to get an idea of how your prospective buyers might feel when walking into your home is to go inspect other houses in the local area. Try to make a list of every negative thing you encounter and then compare it to your property.

5. Remove Pet Odors

Surprisingly not everyone sits within the ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ category. Some people don’t like pets and are utterly put off when they visit a house with powerful pet odours. Make sure you use cleaning products on your property a couple of days before any house inspection and ask friends to come visit to see if you have been successful.

6. De-Personalize your Property

When prospective buyers walk into your home you want them to think “I can see myself living here”. Nothing allows them to fantasize this than empty spaces on walls and mantelpieces where they can imagine putting their own family pictures.

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