HP Touchpad Fire Sale Ignites Sunday at 6:00

The HP Touchpad was the buzz this past August when their fire-sale left many feeling burned because they missed out. Tomorrow’s your chance to grab it again!

It will be available on HP’s ebay store page at 6:00 pm Central, December 11th and may sell out quickly, even though HP’s placing a limit of 2 Touchpads per person.

If you hesitated getting it before, buying the 16GB for $99 or 32GB for $149 tablet might be a good move with HP turning their WebOS to open source. This means the HP operating system might be supported by other tablet manufacturers which may boost popularity and value getting more developer support.

And if it doesn’t, other developers have been working at getting Google’s Android operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) working on the HP tablet. So it’s a win-win!

Head’s up, these are refurbished tablets and come with only a 90 day warranty. Based on user feedback the corners are fragile on the HP Touchpad, so you might want to get a cover to protect the plastic around the speakers. Or you could by the $79 bundle HP plans to offer which will include a cover, wireless keyboard and charging dock.

HP Covers:

So will you be trying to get the HP Touchpad this time around? Did you get one last time? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Shopping!

:) Heather

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