Inexpensive gift ideas for your man

Any day should be romantic. And if you’re looking to inspire a bit of romance with your man, you don’t have to go over the top. You can impress your guy without breaking the bank if you get a bit creative. Who needs a special day to be impulsive and romantic? Why not send your man a treat today?

Manly Plant
Women get flowers, but men get plants. If you want to get your guy something unusual, buy him a cactus or another, more masculine plant for his office. Don’t be fooled thinking there are any flowers that are “manly” enough to be delivered to his office. If you have a cactus delivered, it’s unusual, fun and can grow very well on the edge of his desk, provided he gets a bit of sunlight in his general direction.

Of course, you have to have a guy with a sense of humor to appreciate the unusual nature of the gift, but the attention you paid to him will be duly noted. And you will get away with spending far less on delivery of your little cactus than you would for a full bouquet of flowers or a large room plant.

Send Lingerie
If you have a man who can take a joke while he’s at the office, order him some lingerie for you or some evening items for him. You have the choice to go online and order him some nice pajamas or perhaps some fun boxers, or you can order yourself something pretty and delicate and have it sent to his home address. If you really want to mess with him, have it sent to his office – he’ll be the hit of happy hour for getting that sort of present at work. Know ahead of time if his office is one that welcomes practical jokes. You certainly don’t want to get him in trouble if he has a conservative work environment.

Sending over pretty lingerie has a few very nice perks. If you order something for yourself you have the built-in privilege of getting something pretty and new. Since you’ve picked it out for him, you’ll be sure to get something you like and if you keep his preferences in mind, he’ll be able to enjoy the outfit as well – in an entirely different way. You’ll also get to surprise your guy with a very nice treat he can anticipate all day long.

Finally, when you buy lingerie online, you can almost always find the right size, the perfect color and arrange for a discount or free shipping. Take advantage of sales and discounts and you’ll have beautiful pieces for the two of you for far less than he’d have to spend to buy them for you in the store.

Send Manly Presents
Everyone likes to be surprised at work with something new and unusual. The options don’t stop with cactus plants, of course. There are plenty of other options as well for more masculine presents. Do a bit of research and order him some cigars he might enjoy, or buy him something personalized like a money clip. Consider his interests and then get busy being creative.

You can order some outlandish things online – ribs, hot sauce, beer hops and shot glasses are just a few things that would be nice for him to open as a surprise on a day that he’s been working hard. Best of all, ordering online and taking advantage of discounts makes these affordable, easy-to-find gift ideas as well.

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