INFOGRAPHIC 30% of Americans will buy a new TV in 2014

Remember when the surge of tablet and smartphone sales combined with streaming media signaled the downward spiral of TV? Not so fast my friend. If we learned anything from CES 2014, TV is in a rebirth with 4K, Roku TV, a new Apple TV w/app store, PS4/Xbox One and a solid T-commerce platform emerging. In fact, with TV purchases on the rise in January (1.2 million in 2005 to 7.5 million in 2013), it’s no wonder FatWallet’s new survey reports that Super Bowl sales are the #1 time of year people say they will buy a TV. Some may even buy a new TV from their old TV, and at the very least, from their mobile devices.

Of those surveyed, 3 in 10 plan to buy a new TV this year and of those, 32% during Super Bowl sales while 25% during Black Friday. For Boomers, almost half will buy a TV during Super Bowl Sales (46%), and the other half of Boomers (47%) during Black Friday. Price will lead their purchasing decisions and over half said they plan to spend less than $500. While 41% will spend between $300 – 500, that number increases to 52% for those with an annual income under $30k. 1 in 4 will plan to spend more than $700, 40% with an annual income over $75k, and 9% with an annual income under $30k. – See full survey results. Also, see FatWallet’s 2014 Electronics Buying Survey and INFOGRAPHIC:

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Super Bowl TV Buyers Survey  

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