[INFOGRAPHIC] Americans Are Trippin! – Vacation Survey 2014



Work vs. play: 17% stay while 83% getaway

Vacation Spending Survey 2014The new survey (*TNS Global) reveals 83% plan to go on vacations in the near future (93% for those who >$75k/year). And 6 in 10 go on vacations yearly while 27% go on more than one vacation a year, but that drops to less than 21% for those ages 40-49. Even still, 17% say they “never” go on a vacation, increasing to more than 21% for those aged 40-49 and a whopping 35% for those who earn less than $30k/year.


Vacationers look for deals online?

According to the US Travel Association, total domestic leisure travel spending is forecast to exceed $1.6 Billion in 2014. FatWallet’s vacation spending survey reports nearly half are planning to spend more than $1,500, and 13% more than $3,000. The majority will book online using a laptop (83%) or mobile devices (9%) looking for travel deals and coupons and additional points, miles and cash back rewards as their top ways to save money.

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Vacation infographic


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