[INFOGRAPHIC] Smartphones Rule! – Electronics Buyer Survey 2014

3 in every 4 Americans will buy electronics

Electronics Buyers Survey 2014The demand for mobile devices has never been bigger than it is right now. A new Electronics Buyer Survey from FatWallet reveals that 3 in every 4 Americans say they plan to buy electronics in 2014. Not surprising, but as FatWallet’s TV Buyers Survey found that 30% of Americans would buy a new TV in 2014 (see Infographic), the Electronics survey found that 5 in 10 will likely buy a new smartphone this year…that’s half of us. Those surveyed also chose Android (41%) over iPhone (39%) and a respectable vote for Windows phones (9%). Whether they’re tempted to take advantage of low prices during March madness sales and trade-in offers from Walmart, Best Buy or Target, or wait for the new iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5 to be released, smartphones will rule as the #1 electronics products purchased in 2014.

1 in 4 will buy a new tablet or laptop

But smartphones and HDTVs aren’t the only electronics consumers say they will shop for this year. The survey results report 1 in every 4 will look to buy a new tablet or a new laptop. They want iPads over Android and Kindle tablets, Verizon tops AT&T as their carrier of choice, and HP and Dell are neck-in-neck easy favorites for laptop brands they will buy. Other surprising results report consumers would elect to buy wireless printers slightly over streaming media devices, wireless headphones/speakers or smart wearables, further revealing that many electronics buyers are not quite ready to cut the cable cord just yet. See full survey results. To place this infographic your site, copy the embed code below.

Electronics Buyers Survey

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