Inspirational People Make the Best Leaders

Today is a great day to get inspired. I’ve had the pleasure of working for a variety of superiors in my professional career. Most of them were fair, honest and enjoyable people to work for. Only two have been mentors and great leaders–the kind of superior that everyone else rallies around and looks to for key learnings. Only one has been truly inspirational.

That one would be my current boss, Tim Storm (aka Chief Mucky Muck) here at FatWallet. It’s not because he inspires people to do great things or to be a good person, which he does. Tim is a great inspirational leader because he motivates people to have a passion for what they do and to take pride in that passion. Tim leads by example.

Please take moment to read Tim’s inspirational words of wisdom at where he is today’s featured Luminary. And please share his message with a friend or two that could use some inspiration.

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