iPad and iPhone Accessory Gifts Crazy Busy Techie Moms will Love

Confession time, Mother’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Does that make me a bad mom? I just don’t like the fuss and bother, I’d rather have a quiet day that I could spend with my family exactly the way I wanted to spend it. But on busy Sundays with four children that rarely happens! Now don’t get me wrong, the traditional breakfast in bed is always wonderful (my husband’s a terrific cook) and it’s fun to see what goodies the children put together. But sometimes it might be nice to be handed free reign and told to pick out my own gift, the sky’s the limit! So when FatWallet asked me to put together a list of iPhone and iPad related gifts for moms I decided to come up with several things I’d love to receive, and to give to my fellow moms.

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Our iPad was originally mine but my kids have completely taken it over. I’ll admit that I’m envious of my husband’s iPad, the one without all the children’s apps. The one that gets to leave the house and travel out of town to work each week. Someday, when my iPad is mine again I’m going to buy a DODOcase to put it in and you better believe I’m going to have the binding personalized.

iPhone Photo Printer

This is a super extravagant product from the Hammacher Schlemmer no less. It’s something I’d never justify buying for myself when I can download and get my photo prints at Costco for pennies but I find the convenience of docking my iPhone and printing out my photos so very appealing!

OlloClip & iPhone SLR Mount

I love the camera on my iPhone 4S and I haven’t taken a picture with a separate camera in a very long time. I’m not a serious photographer so I had never thought of attaching lenses to my iPhone before but why not? The OlloClip is a 3-in-1 lens system that seems fairly reasonably priced. The SLR Mount is quite a bit more expensive but if you already own Canon and Nikon lenses you might consider the investment as it allows you to attach them to your iPhone.

iDapt Charger

I have the iDapt Charger and it is awesome! The charger is universal and comes with a collection of interchangeable tips that can be swapped in and out. This allows you to charge just about any type of device and since there are four ports you can clear up a ton of counter space and cord mess. My son’s Nintendo DS, our “home” Nokia cellphone, my iPhone and the family iPad can all charge at the same time and it takes up hardly any space at all. The concept is brilliant.

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If you’re looking for something unique you really can’t go wrong with Etsy. With a quick search you will find quirky cases for your iPod or iPad and vinyl decals for your iPhone or MacBook. There’s sure to be something here to fit your personality and your budget.

Spinning Meals Smart Meal Planner

The Spinning Meals app makes planning dinner fun and it’s a helpful app too, allowing you to add in your own recipes and automatically creating grocery lists.

Ticket to Ride Pocket

Ticket to Ride is one of our family’s favorite board games and it’s now one of our favorite apps to play together. Using our wireless network we can play against each other and the best part is there’s no lengthy set up time or tiny trains to pick up when the game is done.

Orchestra To-Do

Orchestra is my new favorite To-Do app. I love it for its simplicity and the ease of sharing tasks and lists, something that’s essential when you’re coordinating a family.

Heather Leister is a semi-sane stay at home mom of four who’s married to one smart tech minded fellow. He talked her into an iPhone (followed by an iPad, replaced by the iPad 2 after an unfortunate incident involving the roof of the family van) and she’s been a happy woman ever since. The iPhone Mom website began in January 2009 as an excuse to surf around in iTunes looking at apps but is now an original resource for parents looking for reviews on iOS applications. Heather has also had a chance to contribute and add her two cents to several other websites including Babble.com and Momtastic.com.

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